Transformation Time

Well it’s time I make a change. Yes, it’s hard. No, it won’t be fun. BUT it is needed. For the next 10 days I am going on a journey. When something isn’t working you are forced to try yet another road to your destination. Starting tomorrow there will be NO PROCESSED FOODS, ALCOHOL, SUGAR (except that found in fresh raw fruit), and COFFEE (except 2 daily shots of fresh pulled espresso). Trust me, you don’t want to even deal with me without my morning wake up call. I will consume, fresh fruit and smoothies with hemp protein, nuts, seeds, omega 3 oil found in flax, vegetables, and home-made soup. I will make sure I am getting adequate calories, proper hydration from water with lemon and natural electrolytes.

NO, this is not some kind of diet, fad diet, quick fix, mental insanity, or miracle cure. It is an attempt to decrease inflammation in the body for better health and athletic performance. I will determine after the next 10 days where to go as I continue with training.

In addition I will be working with my coach/athletic trainer in decreasing some injury issues. Using the foam roller and stretching daily, attending yoga and meditation practices, and journaling the progress (the up’s and the down’s). Committing to this won’t be easy but it’s necessary. Life is a process, training is a process, recovery is a process, and success is a process… these next 10 days and beyond are a process.

I had my hamstring/knee looked at today it appears pes anserinus bursitis and some hamstring tendonitis close to the insertion point. I got a cortisone shot in the pes area. Will start graston technique tomorrow to break up some hamstring adhesions and hope to continue on my path with training. Again, it to will be a process. I know faith and the support of my amazing friends, coaches, and Dr.’s will be of vital importance.

So I am both excited and a bit apprehensive of the next 10 days. I know that one needs to do what it takes and this is what it is going to take.

What this all gets down to it taking care of yourself, following your dreams, and being true to who you are. Never ever forget who you are and never ever be who you are not!

It’s a “state of mind”!


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