Great day!

What a day it’s been and it’s only 3 PM. Started the AM with a journey out to the Pettit to run around the Olympic training ice .. watched some time trials as I ran around the track. Something really special about this AM. It’s something so much bigger and stronger than just another training run or preparing for the next race. I ran 9 miles and all 9 miles were pain free. I felt strong, legs felt stable, and I for the first time in many months…felt like myself. There were times during the run that I thought back to the last 2 years… the ups and downs! But while running I can seem to make some major decisions with God’s help providing for me the path to my future and destiny. All in all, it was really special.

Then on to the Great Lakes Multi-Sport Expo. It was so awesome to see so many of my endurance sport friends all at one place for such an amazing cause. Racers Against Childhood Cancer puts on this cool event. Businesses in the endurance sport community, health care providers, coaches; and events such as time trials, 5k/10K race, treadmill gait analysis, boot camps, and swim stroke technique clinics were all part of the weekend. There were tech. sessions, guest speakers, and a fun time had by all. I will say that the 9 mile run might have been easier on the body when compared to standing around the expo. Gotta love concrete flooring. I’m so grateful though to have seen so many friends and competitors at the expo. We have such a strong community that we all share together.

Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute (one of my Sponsors and the reason I can run after 2 back surgeries and 3 knee surgeries) had a booth at the Expo. It was fun chatting with them and those that stopped by. HUGE NEWS. Froedtert Sports Med. will be getting THE THE Alter-G Anti-gravity Treadmill in 9 DAYS! Yes, I do have a countdown timer ticking away at home. I am so excited about this addition. This will allow runners, athletes, and those dealing with injury the ability to utilize technology often only found at Olympic Training Centers and Professional Sports Teams. You have the ability to unload any % of bodyweight and continue to train or work in rehab. … Watch soon for a blog all about this technology and what it can offer the athlete. In the mean time check out Alter-G

Now it’s time for the annual Cowan Chinese New Year Party. A fun time for sure with amazing food and drinks.

I am really looking forward to several meetings next week with area businesses about working together in creating fitness and wellness programs. I continue to love working with my clients in bettering their fitness and wellness, and have some SUPER exciting ideas on growing Ultimate Stamina as the temps start to turn and we once again see more sun than snow. Until then, it’s about getting back into shape, preparing for racing this Spring, keeping clients healthy and fit, working on my book, and working on the start of my non-profit. Overwhelming? Nah, it’s what I love! 🙂


…. now if Spring could just come a bit quicker!!!!!


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