Training tunes!

Well, we have snow so I am off to snow shoe as it seems the most logical. Hopefully a workout in before I get lost in the upcoming blizzard. Here is a new playlist I like for training that I put together. Enjoy.

Rockin’ the Suburbs 4:59 Ben Folds
Imma Be 4:16 Black Eyed Peas
Party All The Time 4:44 Black Eyed Peas
Fade Away 3:16 Breaking Benjamin
Dear Agony 4:18 Breaking Benjamin
One Last Breath 3:58 Creed
My Sacrifice 4:55 Creed
Indestructible 4:38 Disturbed
Lose Yourself 5:26 Eminem
Like Toy Soldiers 4:56 Eminem
Talkin’ 2 Myself (feat. Kobe) 5:00 Eminem
Not Afraid 4:08 Eminem
Almost Famous 4:52 Eminem
Freak On A Leash 4:18 Korn
Bleed It Out 2:44 Linkin Park
What I’ve Done 3:25 Linkin Park
In Pieces 3:38 Linkin Park
Waiting For The End 3:52 Linkin Park
The Catalyst 5:40 Linkin Park
Wisdom, Justice, And Love 1:39 Linkin Park
Leave Out All The Rest 3:29 Linkin Park
Ready, Steady, Go 4:14 Oakenfold
Firestarter 3:46 The Prodigy
Mindfields 5:42 The Prodigy
Ready For Whatever 5:12 T.I.
Bottoms Up (feat. Nicki Minaj) 4:02 Trey Songz
Let Me Be Myself 3:49 3 Doors Down

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