Snowmageddon 2011

Well yesterday was quite a sight to see. Actually it was pretty cool. We had 5-7 ft drifts in areas due to some wicked winds. I saw a wheel loader tractor across the street plowing some people out. The huge tow truck that attempted our complex got stuck. Then when he got towed out and another came back, he plowed my car in with 5 ft drifts on all sides. AWESOME.

Still managed to get my training in both Tues and Wed., today I am headed to the Pettit to train inside and then down to Froedtert for PT after. MUCH NEEDED PT after the last few days.

One would think that being stuck inside would create awesome use of time. Negative… I just seemed to add to my to do list. But that’s ok. Shoveling out took some serious energy and time. After further review, probably won’t do that again.

Excited for the Alter G Treadmill to arrive in just 5 days. Monday AM, it will be inducted into the Froedtert Sports Med. family. So excited, a perfect early Birthday present.

I’m hoping to throw in some 400’s today, nothing fast. Just to get the legs moving a bit. I have to continually remind myself it has been less than 2 months since back surgery. How time flies 😉

Well, now that Mr. Car is free of surrounding snow, I can go on with life. Back to training, coaching, and building the biz. Hope everyone stays safe and sound. Don’t take chances. But don’t even think bad weather is an excuse not to train. Find a way, make it happen, and enjoy the results of your commitment. Happy Thursday!


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