What a day!!! AlterG Treadmill, San Antonio Marathon, and Progress

Progress. What a day. Started the day with a shake-out easy run out in the snow. Went ok, hamstring was tight, roads were slushy…and I’m OVER Winter, is it Spring YET?

Then down to Froedtert Sports Med. for Performance Enhancement with Mike. Mike promised this week we would take it up a notch. Yippee, that meant incline hills and sprints on the Woodway. Did several and finished the last one at 5:00/mi pace for :15 seconds. Progress as this is the first we have done these since October. Then about 45 more minutes of strength and core work. HARD stuff but fun! Mike’s help is one of the biggest asset’s to my training and ultimately my performance. So so appreciated! (until I wake up tomorrow and feel today’s work, just kidding)

Then …. drum roll…the day I have been dreaming about… THE Alter G arrives. Arrived at 7AM and it was installed and built by 11AM. I climbed in and gave it a “welcome to Froedtert” break in. It was all I dreamed about and more. A nice easy 8 miles averaging about 7:00/mi pace at 75% body-weight with the last mile at 6:45/mi pace. Felt great!!!!!

Stopped at Samurai Sushi for a take out, Crazy Tuna Roll… needed some serious protein after a morning of training. Home to relax a bit, get some emails, phone calls, training plans, and paperwork done. Then a trip to the chiropractor, Dr. Werner @ Grafton Chiro Center for a little adjustment and e-stim. I tend to tense up my upper back as mileage builds so need everything to stay loose and aligned.

Headed home and got some GREAT news. One of my AMAZING sponsors, Brooks Running, informed me of a comp entry to San Antonio Marathon on November 13th. I am very excited about representing my sponsors; Brooks, Froedtert Sports Med, & Hammer Nutrition, and Grafton Chiropractic. So that will be my Fall marathon where I will shoot for the Olympic Trials Qualifying Time. I am so grateful for this opportunity. It will be a great race.

Looking forward to also building the offerings that Ultimate Stamina Coaching can offer. Hoping to be working along with some amazing businesses in creating some epic opportunities for area athletes. More on that later 😉

I’m so grateful for where I am, looking back just about 8 weeks ago, I without a doubt had no idea I would be where I am in terms of fitness, strength, and mental energy and excitement looking forward. Not all days (or hours) are easy but you can never give up on your dreams and “callings”. I have been forcing myself to think what really matters to ME, in MY life right NOW. I want to live each day with no regrets, inspiring others, and living in God’s blueprint he has created for me.

With that being achieved I can feel at peace.

I’ll leave you with my new favorite quote, “I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”-Mother Teresa


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