Keeping perspective, striving for more!

This will be short and sweet as I am writing it on the iPad. Today was all about perspective and believing in oneself. I had on the schedule 15 miles with 8 at marathon pace on the AlterG. I must admit I was nervous! Spent most the night tossing and turning, looking at the clock, trying to ignore the pain in my knee, and wishing it would be time to go train. As I drove to Froedtert I was nervous, it kinda felt like the morning of a race. Why? Not sure, maybe I was unsure I could do the workout. Put the HR monitor on, climbed into the AlterG and off I went. I ran at 80% bodyweight so made the appropriate adjustments in pace. Ran 2 miles to warm-up, 8 miles at 6:07/mi (equiv. to around 6:50/mi) on land, and a 5 mi cool-down for 15 miles total. Heart rate was perfectly in line with effort and I felt I could have gone harder, as I had some left at the end. Perspective …. Back surgery was just about 9 weeks ago!

Back is feeling great. Having some issues with left hamstring and knee but I won’t lose faith and belief that I too will overcome this and move forward in accomplishing THE goal. I have amazing people supporting, guiding, and helping me and I have God’s love and protection always.

However I strive for more. I know it is possible, I have the heart of a runner that want’s more. I have the faith of a child of God that lives in his plan for me, I have the tenacity of a mountain lion, and I will not lose focus of what I am up against and what needs to be done to achieve my goals.

So if you think of telling me no, not possible… Save your breath, cause I will prove you wrong! Always with a smile!


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