Take a deep breath…

Funny… was told to do that by a couple people today and then at other moments was forced to …just breath.

We are faced with obstacles…

– Training clients and helping them reach new heights

– Accomplishing a workout that at first we think is impossible and then we realize we can do more

– Faced with reality that both scares and yet fuels internal anger and inspiration simultaneously

– Perform exercises that are both challenging physically but more important teach trust in the mind

– Overwhelmed to a point of breathing difficulty only to be calmed from a call from someone that you trust and who has cared for you, someone that can rationalize and think for me when my mind is spinning.

– Dinner with someone that has been to the depths of self realization and has overcome them and learned to be able to teach and inspire, someone that understands that the improbable is in the mind and not always the body. A friend that reminded me to surrender and let Faith guide me.

– And now I sit and practice patience, a need of approval from one of the sources of my success and the reason I am able to utilize my gifts and callings.

All this has been the contents of the last 15 hours of my existence .. moments of pure amazement and excitement post running, moments of fear and disbelief which were turned to achievement and accomplishment during PEP, smiles and high fives after working with clients and seeing them break barriers, tears of fear thinking of tomorrow, laughs with a special friend who has stood by me and never stopped believing in my talent and will, and now I sit and reflect. The gratefulness I feel to all those that stand behind me, the courage I have learned and been shown, the protection I have received from God, the gifts of optimism that I refuse to let go off, and most important… Faith that takes me one step at a time covering miles upon miles.

There might come a time where each one of us is not able to utilize all cylinders. We might have a weakness, something that might hold us back. But the most important thing is to not let that obstacle be internal. Mentally we have the ability to utilize our fullest potential even when physically we might be short-changed. But the mind is far more powerful than the body. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. I was told tonight that I need to let it come, don’t let the mind hold you back, believe in yourself and whatever you do, don’t fight… surrender to your ability and great things will unfold.

As I move into tomorrow, I will surrender to the gift I have been given. I will utilize that gift to follow my dream and when God decides to re-direct me in my path, then I will follow his lead. It’s about having Faith to listen to your Higher Power, your greatest coach.


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