A gift is never taken, even when life is.

I sit here staring blankly at the computer screen. Unable to think, process, or digest the reality that such a special person has been taken from us. I’m in shock, it couldn’t have happened, the facts must be false. I am unable to understand how someone with so much talent, inspiration, kindness, and determination can now be gone… everything she lived for; her adored dogs, her family she loved so much, her friends who she inspired, and the dreams and goals that she was constantly SMASHING. SMASHING SALLY as she was known. She now inspires from a Higher Ground.

Our lives change in an instant. Nothing can ever be taken for granted. You must live in the moment and never hold back on accomplishing what you dream about, live for, and strive to achieve. You must step away from your comfort zone. Just recently I was chatting with Sally on FB and she was telling me of the hills that she was climbing on the bike and the scary descents she was descending. She was broadening her boundaries and was achieving great things. She was a champion in every way and was a constant inspiration to keep fighting for your dreams.

Ironic as I watched Rudy (the movie) last night. Another example of following your dreams and never giving up. Sally never gave up. Always pressing forward in her pink compression socks. Each time I put mine on I will know, Sally will power my legs with her infectious energy.

My prayers and thoughts are with whom all she touched, her family, her friends, her competitors, and those that she has inspired. She is, will always be, and will continue to be a GIFT.

Please friends, live in the moment. Do what is your calling and passion, never hold back, and reach out to others in ways that you can touch their lives. Life is just to short and I simply will never understand why those we love are often taken far to quickly.

RIP Sally, and know that you have touched so many with your smile.


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