Relative Relentless Progress

Well I certainly can’t complain about the fact that I have run over 50 miles each week for the last 3 weeks, should have a 200 mile month and it has been only about 3 months since back surgery. I am grateful for a wonderful surgeon, great follow-up Dr.’s, my coach and PT at Froedtert Sports Med (and everyone else there that continues to motivate and help me out) and the power and relentless love God has provided. I do search for answers to many questions currently but know in time they will hopefully be explained, until then I run for something much greater than myself.

I am excited about what the future holds before me. A marathon in April and chance to see my Uncle Dave, Aunt Donna, and cousins Jacob and Sam. Then 2 weeks later a 50K out on the Ice Age trails with friends. It will be a journey and a HUGE accomplishment. I will take each mile and segment as part of what I have overcome. This 50K will not just be a race but a time to celebrate the journey and remember those that have inspired me. Time will tell on the rest of the season but come Fall I will be headed out to San Antonio Rock N Roll thanks to Brooks and will try to qualify for the Olympic Trials. A lot is on the table this year, but after the last couple weeks… I have taken a step back to remember why I run…. it is not for the ribbons, trophies, recognition, or praise. It is because endorphins clear my mind and help me to remember, we are here to follow our “callings” and use our “gifts”.

So this weekend was big in a lot of ways… as most it started with lots of coffee 🙂

There are a few things I can just not do without. One of them is Cinnamon Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This stuff just RULES! In fact, I just sold my Tassimo Espresso machine just because it doesn’t hold a candle to my old Mr. Coffee brewing Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon.

Then came a little breakfast and a search for motivation… as this Sat. AM I was scheduled to run an 18 miler. Thoughts were with everyone in AZ as so many were racing a 15K (many wearing, CEP pink compression socks) in Sally’s honor. Weather was borderline but I pulled on my shorts and pink compression socks, packed up some GU energy gels, filled a water bottle, and headed to Starbucks where I would park and take off on my journey.

The winds were whipping around from the west at about 30 mph, making it a bit chilly. At times it felt as if the wind was pushing me backwards but I continued persevering and staying relentlessly positive.

There were no doubt moments where I just really wanted to stop, to surrender to the wind and chill, and to just be done. I continued until a bit over 16 miles when I was just emotionally and physically spent. There comes a time when you have to realize the difference between training smart and taking out frustration. At 16.1 miles I had to separate the 2. I finished with a smile though, looked up and told Sally, Jeff, and Grandpa Don (my 3 largest inspirations that are no longer with us here) that they continue to inspire my every step. 🙂

(Pink socks for Smashing Sally on Sat.’s run). I’ve worn them many times but now with greater meaning.

This AM (Sunday) I woke exhausted, body sore, hamstrings tighter than guitar strings, feeling under the weather, but focused and committed on making the day a success. I spent the day organizing, simplifying, and re-focusing on making the most out of my every day.

It took me until close to 4PM to want to run though. Not sure if it was my body or my mind. We are all human and some days there is just an internal argument between mind and body. I cleaned, did laundry, paperwork, ran errands, and when I came home I walked in the bedroom and the first thing I saw were the pink socks. At that moment I knew it was time to run. Not for a workout but for a time to clear the mind and chat with those from above.

Out I went for a nice easy short run. The air was fresh, the sun was shining, and despite screaming hamstrings…I felt on top of the world.

As I sit here this evening, preparing for a crazy week of training clients, running, working with Mike on performance enhancement and improving strength, PT with Jeff, follow-ups with Dr.’s on rehab., working on my clients training plans, nutrition plans, and more. In addition, I, for the first time in months, have that urge to work on my book again. A book about overcoming obstacles with what you harness in your mind.

We are all given gifts, whether they are abilities, people, triumphs, obstacles, and/or callings. We must all utilize what we are given and never hold back on our dreams. Believe in yourself and you will go to far places.



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