Speedwork outside in shorts :-)

Well today was yet another first (minor) but taking what I can get. After feeling less than stellar I headed out late this afternoon for a 6.5 mile run and through in 12 x 200m at mile race pace. Effort felt fairly easy but hamstrings were on complete protest, especially the infamous left hamstring which then affects knee and back to some degree. BUT it was the first uptempo work I have done at both 100% body weight and outside. Oh, AND in SHORTS and sunglasses. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Spring just might be coming. SWEET.

I continue to have on my hand in marker “4 Smashing Sally” …lately it is helping me in pushing forward with my dreams.

Heard some inspiring words from a friend today… “We can find peace and hope through his grace that he gives us.”

I have re-focused on what is important, what are my gifts, passions. I have new energy on working on my book (a motivational tale of overcoming the tallest of mountains), training athletes to both enjoy what they do and accomplish their established goals, helping those find fitness and wellness and make it part of their lifestyle, and most important be there to inspire those that don’t think it’s possible. Yes, I am a Certified Personal Trainer. Yes, I am a USA Track & Field Certified Coach. Yes, I have 17+ years of competitive athletic involvement and over 8 years of coaching experience for endurance athletes. BUT, I am a human and child of God. I wake up, have coffee, dread cold weather, have days where I lack motivation and drive, and sometimes am just lazy. BUT I am here to make you better, to prove you are better than you think and can accomplish far more than you believe.

I am now personal training at 2 locations, soon to be 3. (Grafton, Germantown, and soon Fox Point). Let’s smash those obstacles and accomplish those goals, one step at a time. For more information on how I can help you become fitter, faster, stronger, and achieve substantial weight-loss with a “real food” diet contact me at ultimatestamina@gmail.com … There are affordable and customized opportunities for whatever you are searching for, and I’m ready to stand by your side as you succeed.



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