Surgery report and moving forward

Well it’s been 5 days since surgery. The first 3-4 days were pretty unbearable even with ice and pain killers, nothing I couldn’t handle but I was constantly repeating “this too shall pass”. Now on day 5 and feeling a bit better as long as I keep it up and elevated.

When I got home from the hospital things were not to bad, I think I still had a good amount of drugs in my system and ended up just falling asleep. Woke up at about 2 AM and let’s just say, NOT good. Pain was intense and wasn’t sure what would hurt more, getting up to get a pain killer or just laying still. I opted after 20 minutes of weighing the pro’s and con’s to go get a pain killer and ice. Good choice as it helped a little and I think I fell back to sleep for an hour or so.

The first 4 days I stayed on the couch, tried not to move as the pain was incomprehensible. Now day 5, things are getting a bit better, still need the pain killers and ice but I am finally able to concentrate on getting some training plans written, working on the non-profit and book, and taking a look at where I want the rest of the year to go in terms of my passions (training others, inspiring others, and of course running). It is when something is taken, you realize how much that something means to you and how much that something fills your soul.

I am so grateful for the comments, talks, and emails that I have received the last few days, many from those that inspire me the most. It has caused me to do some seriously thinking. We can only live life once, and it can be taken or changed so quickly. We most really look at the big picture and be able to find balance. We can’t take anything for granted and we should have no regrets, EVER.

For one I am VERY grateful to be becoming part of the team at Vita in Fox Point. From the first time I walked in there and talked with one of the Owners, it just felt right. It was the environment I sought, the professionalism that shows both dedication and commitment, and the team feel that makes clients and trainers want to be there and make fitness and health part of their lifestyle. Just another lesson of patience that led me into the front door of Vita and glad that once again I followed the advice from my Higher Power, God.

In addition it is now that I will start really working towards building the e-coaching part of my business. So many affordable opportunities for athletes and clients of all ages and fitness levels. Those looking for…

• hard copy strength/core training programs that are not able to train in person or are not local

• anti-inflammatory nutrition protocol and plans which will enhance recovery, limit inflammation which leads to injury/illness, increase energy, promote weight loss, and decrease stress/cortisol, eliminate cravings, and enhance overall well-being. I will even go grocery shopping with you and guide you in making better choices.

• training plans for first time runners, 5K-Marathon plans, and multi-sport events programs

• opportunities for the youth in staying in shape between track and XC season

• coming soon… (starting in June/July) Group marathon training programs and Running clinics

Ultimate Stamina Coaching & Consulting is growing and along with Personal Training at Vita, I could not be more excited. 🙂


I know the next few months will require a level of patience I have never explored. I am surrounded by the best in terms of Dr.’s, Physical Therapists, Trainers, and Coaches. I have access the SWIMEX, the Alter-G at Froedtert Sports Med., PT with Jeff Wilkens, Rehab and Performance Enhancement with Mike Ribar, Dr. Vetter as attending surgeon, and Russ Delap as running coach and someone that I will be able to train with as I move forward in my running.

I truly believe there are steps in overcoming injury or any major set-back. First, denial. Yes I was in denial for several weeks. Then came fear, the fear of losing what I had spent weeks trying to get back. Hours of training spent trying to get back to baseline in order to reach above. Fear that I now will not be able to go out and do what is more natural to me than walking. Fear that I might not come back from this… But then comes acceptance. Acceptance that I have no choice and that some things are completely beyond our control and only with relentless positivity and acceptance this set-back is only a set-up for a comeback.

Now comes patience and belief. Patience to not push the pace and belief that I have what it takes to hurdle this obstacle, to climb this mountain. I have promised both myself, my angels (Sally, Jeff, and Grandpa), my team, and God that I will do what it takes, I will give 100% even when I feel I can’t, I will persevere when it seems impossible. Why? Because that is what I do. I persevere and accomplish the improbable utilizing the gifts I have been given. Gifts that are not seen, felt, smelled, or tasted. Gifts that lay deep within my soul. I will run again, I will line up at the start line, and I will race not for myself but for all those that have helped and inspired me. However when I run, well I am running for something so much bigger and stronger than myself. I am running because that is who I am, I am a runner, a child of God, and someone that hopes to be remembered as one that used her gift of running to inspire those that might not be able.

So I move forward. Today I start quad sets, a bit of stretching, and more swelling control.. Thursday I start PT and see the surgeon to get stitches removed and hope to be able to start utilizing the stationary bike and eventually the Swimex to water-run. I will spend time on the arm bike, I will work with Mike in keeping my strength up, I will wear a heart rate monitor to keep tabs on my effort, I will stretch, I will pray, I will journal, and I will only eat what nourishes. And when I feel I can’t I will look up to the sky and see both Sally’s smile and Jeff flexing his bicep muscle; knowing they are saying to me “attitude is everything and believe in your dreams, you can do it”

Stay tunes for some really powerful nutrition advice coming in the next few days. I am really excited to share with you what has totally changed my life for the better and has replaced costly medication, instead eating simply “whole foods”. Simple, easy, and super delicious.

Never doubt your abilities, for the body can overcome more more than the mind can conceive.

Hugs, Cristin


One thought on “Surgery report and moving forward

  1. Hi,

    I was just searching around for other people who have had knee surgery and I read your blog. I had my ACL reconstructed and my MCL repaired on Dec 10th. It’s been a long road no doubt and mine is about to get harder, my physio therapist took me off work again and I have slid backwards to the point where I was before my surgery…..oy! No doubt it’s been a frustrating experience for me. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, needing a pain killer and not being able to move to go get it because of the pain. I hope your recovery goes better than mine and if you ever need support from someone going through it drop me a line.

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