Plant based nutrition and keeping it simple

I am frequently asked, what do YOU eat. Ha, I sometimes have to laugh because it has for the last 18 months been one experiment after another. BUT, lately I have found what works for me. It is an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition. Basically cutting out (not 100% as life is to short to not enjoy some of our favorite foods) the foods that promote or create inflammation in the body. I figure I do a good enough job creating inflammation in pursuing my passion of running. LOL 😉

So what do I eat… Breakfast (no more do I unwrap a bar of ANY sort to enjoy with my coffee). Now my breakfast choices consist of …

1. 1 diced organic apple sprinkled with cinnamon, 2 cups of mixed berries, and 2 tbsp organic natural almond butter (see picture)

2. a smoothie (1 c. coconut water or organic fresh squeezed oj, 1 frozen banana, 1 c. frozen berries, 1 scoop super greens, 1 tsp chia seeds, and 1 sc. hemp seed protein powder)

3. potato scramble… red potatoes or sweet potatoes scrambled with vegetables of choice (I like spinach, red bell peppers, mushrooms, and garlic)

Breakfast does not need to be complicated, it should NEVER be skipped, and eating a good nutritious breakfast fuels your metabolism for the day ahead. So NO EXCUSES.. don’t even try to tell me you didn’t have time. Wake up earlier.

So then comes snacks… I try to eat every 3-4 hours. No need to be complex, raw veggies, raw fruit, handful of almonds…. just don’t unwrap it. Make sure it’s REAL food, it could even be a hard boiled egg or some lean turkey. I however try to stick with plant based nutrition but that is personal preference only.

Lunch.. yum, again there is no need to slave over the stove in order to create a nutritious lunch. Here is what I had today and it was great.

My favorites

1. 1/2 tomato, 1 full avocado made in guacamole, lots of baby carrots, raw red bell pepper, and gluten free black bean tortilla chips .. really yummy and finished up with a grande soy chai from Starbucks (remember a few treats are allowed, it was brought to me by a friend) 🙂

2. Another great choice. Vegetable pureed soup. Either buy or even better.. take out your blender, pour in some vegetable stock, grab the veggies that need to be eaten (red bell pepper, broccoli, carrots, tomato, etc), add a bit of garlic and spices of choice… blend and season as desired. SIMPLE.

3. Raw vegetables and hummus, a piece of fruit, 1 oz. of almonds and a piece of dark chocolate.

4. 1/2 c. cooked quinoa, 2 c. of vegetables of choice stirred into quinoa, and 1 piece of fruit.

5. Huge spinach salad with lean protein, lots of raw vegetables , a sprinkling of cheese, and light balsamic or olive oil for dressing, add a few nuts or seeds for healthy fats and enjoy. A piece of fruit for desert.

6. 3-5 oz. lean protein, 2 cups vegetables, tbsp olive oil or coconut oil, and a piece of fruit…. be creative!

Ok, snack time again. …. see above, we eat for energy and let’s remember that food is to be enjoyed but first it is to fuel out activity. It should not be a passion, pick another passion (read, run write, bike, go to yoga, call a friend, meet for tea)… don’t eat mindlessly.

OK… dinner… still working on that. Be creative. Tonight I will be having homemade vegetable pureed soup (thanks to my Magic Bullet) and some sweet potato fries. Probably hot cocoa for desert (1/2 c water, 1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and 3/4 tsp dark cocoa powder) enjoyed while reading a book right before bed. 😉

I will continue providing recipes and ideas. My approach is only to limit inflammation in the body. Inflammation increases injury and illness risk in all of us. This is not a diet, it isn’t found strictly in one book, it comes from talking to professionals, doctors, nutritionists, and experimenting, it comes from the advice from others and those that I look up to that have kindly shared their results.  Questions just ask! I am not a Dr. I am not a Nutritionist, I am only an endurance athlete, coach, and personal trainer that wants to help you succeed and live the most fulfilling life possible. That’s all.

Ok, gotta go blend up my soup 🙂


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