A few firsts…

Pretty good day. Spent the AM finding the top of my desk AGAIN. Where do these piles come from. Then came hours of deciphering medical insurance jargon (shoot me please). Knee was feeling pretty darn good considering first day totally off crutches, day after 1st PT session and time on bike, and I had not taken anything for pain for quite awhile. Thumbs up 🙂 After a few hours of paperwork while watching the 4th Season of Brothers and Sisters (I’m addicted, possibly my desire for brothers and sisters).. it was time to get on with rehabbing. Stretching, a few PT exercises and off to the bike. So thankful for friends with bike trainers 🙂

Just an easy 30 minutes, then home to stretch more. Knee felt great. But I will say that I feel that my lower back and left leg needs some serious attention in the soft tissue and stretching areas. Just feels all cramped up. But definite progress considering it was a 9 days ago I had open knee surgery and just yesterday the stitches came out and I started PT. So very pleased.

Tonight I tried something new. SOUP in the Magic Bullet (like a blender). In fact you could just as easily use a blender.

• 8 oz. vegetable broth

• lots of raw broccoli

• lots of diced red bell pepper

• half a tomato

• handful shredded carrots

• 2 fresh cloves of garlic

• sprinkling of cumin, ginger, cayenne, and sea salt

Blend and eat with crushed tortilla chips in it. Really good and a great way to use up vegetables.

I’m super excited for the Jeff Littmann Memorial fund SEAL Challenge tomorrow AM in Delafield. Super bummed I can’t participate but will be there cheering everyone on. I miss Jeff but know he is with us powering our workouts and inspiring and motivating our comebacks.

There was something Jeff always told me, “you can be anything you want to be”. Jeff was also there guiding my comeback after my cycling accident in 2000. He was so proud of every little step achieved as I rehabbed under his watchful eye at WI Health and Fitness Center. He would always have that super motivating smile and made me want to work that much harder. I thank you Jeff, the lessons you taught me about never giving less than my best have paid off time and time again and I only hope I now can inspire others the way you inspired me. Rock On! Hugs!!!!

I know you will be there with us all tomorrow as we celebrate you, Jeff Littmann… a teacher, someone that inspired, guided, cared, and no doubt one of the kindest friends one could have…an ANGEL!


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