Why My Single Speed Rules

Sarcasm (a little) is good for all of us. Yes, I am a bit sarcastic today. Laying in bed this AM looking at some cycling magazines a friend brought over I got to thinking (I know…a bad idea 😉

As I was paging through Velo News I was looking at the jacked up super cool road bikes, most coming in under 14 lbs and over $6 grand.And then it dawned on me that I actually enjoy riding my single speed Felt Curbside far more than I ever did riding anyone of my road bikes (and I had the opportunity to ride some pretty epic carbon bikes)

So why do I have more fun.

1. It’s a great workout (now all you true triathletes and roadies, take a deep breath). I am not training for Ironman or the next Crit race. So, I am using it as a mode of training transportation and a way to enjoy the outdoors.

2. So many ask me, “What do you do when you get to a hill?” (single speeds, you got it… they only have 1 speed). I say peddle harder, work harder, try harder. Why that makes them roll their eyes I have no idea. Wasn’t aware that working harder was such a ridiculous idea. —- Oh, and DON’T stand up and peddle up the hill, unless you are climbing a mountain in high altitude, well… you just look funny.

3. It’s less complicated. Why do I love running? Cause it’s simple. Single speeds are simple. Less mechanical worries and no worries about shifting (haha, cause you can’t!!!!) Remember, you have 1 gear, so make the best of it.

That’s all. Oh, and my single speed is super cool in my opinion too (and my opinion is all that matters to me). Next I am looking for some orange rims for the wheels.

Have a great day.. go ride your bikes but stick with your expensive road bikes. I’ll stay with my single speed, it’s character building.


Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome weather and have fun on your workouts and BE CAREFUL!


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