Snowing in April?

Just a quick post for the day. Was not to productive, which really bothers me. After a couple long days training clients (my passion), I needed a down day. Back is not good, more on that later. Didn’t do much but got through piles of magazines and continuing Ed stuff. I have a lot to offer to clients and athletes and am excited in the direction I am going with working with clients and athletes of all levels.
At a time I am struggling on many fronts I am SUPER excited about some continuing education later this Summer/Fall in the mountains of Montana, a spiritual place, a place where I will learn so much, and simultaneously enjoy some training on the most beautiful peaceful trails. Just this experience might be what helps get me through the next few months.
I am completely redesigning my nutrition strategy for both health and performance. Very cool how great I feel when the fuel I put into the body is clean, no gluten, no dairy, little sugar (ok, a few treats), and lots of smoothies with coconut water and Vega Whole Food Optimizer powder (best stuff on the planet). I have also found an addiction to Soy Delicious coconut yogurt (raspberry my favorite). Tonight dinner: sautéed kale with olive oil and garlic, 1 sweet potato made into fries, banana/berries/tbsp sunflower seed butter for desert. I guess kinda a paleo style diet but most protein is plant based. I still eat sushi though.
Well tomorrow I get a massage, hoping a few massages, a few rehab sessions, the medication and prayer get me through the week. It will be busy with clients, appts, getting caught up on training plans, and continuing to stay positive.

Sometimes during the scariest times, you must find courage and bravery to protect your loved ones. I’m insanely grateful for everyone that continues to remind me of my strength, you all mean the world to me!

Side note: Boston is Monday. I’m so happy for my friends competing, you are all in my thoughts and will be cheering you on! g
Gods speed and strength.
I have a heavy and empty void though. 8 months after a major spine surgery and my first marathon back I ran 3:16 at Quad Cities. 9th overall, Boston Qualified, tears of pure shock of what had just happened. I so wish I was there, toeing the line with my friends. Injuries prevail, but I refuse to lose hope and hope 1 year from now if it is God’s plan… I will be in Boston running the Newton Hills and praising God for yet another wonderful journey.


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