3 days

Three days till surgery, three days to the hopes that my left foot regains normal feeling, my left leg starts to regain some strength and most important three days until the intense sharp pain in my lower spine is relieved. It’s gotten to the point that weight-bearing only makes things worse, so I have surrendered to the bed and couch.

So crazy that when I am going about my NORMAL life of training hard, training and coaching clients and athletes, working on all my projects (book, non-profit, etc)… In these times I sometimes feel like I would pay for time on the couch.

NOW…. not the case

What I have learned recently….

1. Do what you love for you

2. Sometimes it is better to work on your dreams and goals simultaneously

3. Be grateful you are capable and able because when it is taken, you realize just how much it means

4. FAITH ….

1. Running is for me, I do it because it is a gift from God and something so much greater than a passion. Words can’t describe, but running is more spiritual to me than physical.

2. Not always the best idea to put everything in 1 basket, better to balance out. I have huge goals with running on the trails, in addition to the goals I have worked hard at achieving and am still hungry or more. I have goals in snowshoe racing and I love riding my Felt Curbside single speed bike for cross-training. I want and will write a book. In addition, I have started a non-profit that will someday become world wide raising money for Neuro research and treatment with money going to Barrow Neurological Institute, one of the most premier Neuro treatment facilities in the country and the very place I have been given a second chance. Plus I want to start riding horses again.

3. We all have times especially in high work weeks, coupled with intense training that we wish for a break. Be grateful for the ability to do what you love, even when tired and sore. At some point it might be taken and that void inside is far greater than any pain of training and/or racing

I will say I am very grateful for the best surgeon Dr Porter, family, friends, coaches, Pastor at church, PT’s, and doctors that continue to believe and provide me the motivation when I get discouraged. I know that they will all be there regardless of my running performance and nothing fills my heart more than that. I go into this procedure with relentless positivity from Sally Meyerhoff and drive from Jeff Littmann, two close friends that personified such amazing personal qualities and performance achievements.

I will dream of running the trails, among the mountains, close to the cloud line, and without the recent daily pain and fear. I will learn to accept what God feels is best and the level he allows on each given day. Jesus died for us, tomorrow he rises for us. I’m so grateful for my Faith.

I have tried to overcome the odds and now have to put them in someone else’s hands.

PS always looking for the positive…. At least finally getting through a ton of continuing Ed. Stuff…. Watch out guys, when I get back…you won’t know what hit you! ( in a good results producing character building way )!!! 😉


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