Update… the simple things.

Hi guys, wanted to give a little update. Things are going SLOWLY. I am completely amazed just how weak and tired I am after doing next to nothing (reading a magazine, a simple 20-30 min walk, taking a shower). It really puts some things in perspective. I am still just taking Tylenol for pain and have not taken anything stronger since I left the hospital, I guess a catch 22… take pain killers and feel a lot better and possibly over do OR take Tylenol, experience constant discomfort that reminds one that I had major back surgery about a week ago. I’ll stick to Tylenol however it’s extremely irritating that I can only sit up to get things down for about 30 minutes at a time (doesn’t make me to productive) while my little brain is dreaming up lots of cool stuff to proceed with. Oh well, back to putting things in perspective…I was in ICU and unstable a week ago today.

I have been taking daily walks outside with Mom or Dad or both. It’s nice to feel some warm weather and get some fresh air.

I am averaging about 2 walks a day of 20-30 minutes at a nice SLOW pace. Walking is not painful just feels stiff and both legs feel like jello. The GREAT news is that I feel I have already regained a good amount of strength in my left leg and can even do a modified calf raise. Something that was impossible prior to surgery.

In addition I am having a lot of time to think; the direction life might take, about finding a better balance in life, about REALLY living life to the fullest and looking long term. All good things!

I am really excited to get back to work and training clients, working with such great individuals and helping them better their lives. Inspiring them to never lose faith and never stop believing in themselves. Just as my Coach continues to do for me. I am prepared to do what is necessary to get healthy and strong again with Mike’s help at Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute and feel grateful for the entire team there and their support.

I am also enjoying just relaxing and taking a deep breath. Yes, kinda amazing for me to just sit back and smells the cacti 😉 Ok, they don’t really smell like anything.

I know that it will take time. I can’t expect “normal” energizer Cristin right away, I will take each day as a step toward not only performance strength but overall strength. I have had to put a lot into the hands of God in the past couple weeks. The future is uncertain. I am putting NO limits but am being realistic. My lifestyle will be drastically changed. I will be buying swim suits and goggles before running shoes, I will be eating far less processed sugar and far more raw vegetables and green smoothies, I will be working with passion on my Non-profit, Ultimate Courage Overcoming Obstacles

AND I will be pushing my clients past their barriers and what their minds have done to limit their thinking. I will be starting to do some motivational speaking again, communicating to others what it takes to keep moving forward with a smile. I will be working on continuing to write my book. I want nothing more than to be remembered and known as someone who has inspired others.

So I leave you with that. Unfortunately not a ton going on as I seem to sleep, walk, read, eat, and repeat. I am looking forward to a few outings this weekend with Mom (Salon… haircut, highlights, mani and pedi’s on Sat.). Hope I find my super-powers. Sunday am looking forward to Church, sushi, and the Biltmore for from shopping with Mom and Dad. Again will be calling upon some super-powers to be in full force.

Tomorrow I look forward to blogging about a new nutrition product (plant-based meal replacement allergy free powder that is 2nd to NONE. I really feel it will be a crucial part of my comeback. More on that tomorrow. Hugs to all, thanks for the prayers and support and flight is booked for May 14th when Dad and I will fly back to Milwaukee. Miss you all!

Cristin 🙂


One thought on “Update… the simple things.

  1. Hey GF you are doing awesome a week post hospital etc. Still am amazed how well you are doing even tho walking is slow, life is a little stiff/tough but theres nothing wrong with your hands so wheres the next chapter in the book!!

    Im running slow miles for you and working out at the gym 3 x week so think of you every time I feel like crap and yep you are feeling worse.

    Glad you will be home in a week or so and that dad is coming with for a visit.

    Still waiting to hear when the flight will land with you on it in PVD!!

    Miss ya and lotsa hugs


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