What a weekend!

What a weekend to say the least. I feel blessed I got to spend Mother’s Day out of the hospital with Mom (and Dad). It was just a week ago today I was released from the hospital after back surgery. In a week, I feel I have come a long way. Still get VERY exhausted and a bit dizzy but I guess to be expected.

Sat. took an easy 30 min walk with Dad in the AM, relaxed a bit and headed to Spa day with Mom. Hair cut, highlights, pedicures, etc. Great day and am really liking the blond highlights and shorter hair cut. I think I’m definitely ready for SUMMER.

Had a quiet evening, Dad made some amazing shrimp on the grill and enjoyed a glass of wine. I was really tired and pretty brain dead so decided to not work on my book or business stuff as planned.

Sunday again woke up to beautiful weather, watched Joel Osteen’s faith based message on TV, took a walk with Dad, back to get ready for church and headed off to church with Mom and Dad.

Then we went to Stingray Sushi for a little Mother’s Day lunch and stopped at a few stores at the Biltmore Shopping area in Scottsdale. My favorite store, Lululemon is there. Mom and I got some fun new clothes and then walked around a bit with Dad, who was scooping out his favorite of stores, Tommy Bahama

A few errands on the way home and I can honestly say I felt as if I had run a marathon. I was so tired, legs were like jello, and brain was not registering much. I headed out to the deck and started to read a bit (simultaneously) falling asleep every few words. Not productive or efficient reading to say the least.

Had a nice evening with the parents. Dad made more (to much) great salmon and sweet potatoes on the grill. Great, I have not eaten this much good rich food in months. Then it was some relaxing on the couch and to bed before 10.

WOW, amazing what the body can handle if I look back 2 weeks. I am still struggling with some weakness overall but foot strength and leg strength is back almost normal.

I will say I am starting to REALLY miss everyone at home, my normal routine, work, and just the feeling of home and normal surroundings (ok, and being my little miss independent self again). Most know I really don’t like having to rely on others and so I’m feeling a bit useless right now. I know that will improve as time goes by.

I am flying back to WI on Sat. with Dad, he will stay a few days just to make sure I’m ok. Then back to work and rehabbing. Funny how you miss the weirdest things. My tempurpedic bed, my magic bullet to make smoothies, my trips to FSM for training and working with my Coach, and yes my trip to Starbucks (it’s almost iced americano time).

I had the most awesome talk with great friend and mentor, Dick Beardsley, today. What a special friend that truly does understand what it takes and what it is like to overcome adversity. The call really made me smile on all accounts. Again thanks to EVERYONE for their thoughts and prayers. You all really are part of the reason I can overcome these obstacles.

Oh, and go Brewers, find your Mojo again, please. I’ve been cheering all the way from AZ. 😉


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