3 weeks and doing great!

It’s been 3 weeks and all things considering all is good! I sit here this AM at a cafe in between training clients (being back at work) and shortly off to PT and the small amount of training I am able to do (and grateful for it). I am up to 15-20 min on the stationary bike (basically just pedaling with easy resistance) and 30-35 min of walking on the Woodway treadmill. Plus about an hour of strength/PT … All 3 times a week. While I would love to be doing more I know I am not ready and am really listening to my body and of course the medical experts!

It’s awesome to be back training clients again. Although only able to train a couple a day at this point, I know as I heal, I will be rewarded with longer days! During the meantime this gives me the time to catch up on web work and working on my book and non-profit. Always plenty to do!!!

I’m back to trying to follow a primary Paleo plant based diet with of course a few goodies. I know, crucial to healing and recovery!!! I do a fair share of personal trial on myself in hopes to be able to share the successes with clients that I work with!

Other than that, all is pretty much back to normal. Yes I am quite body/back sore where Dr Porter did so much work during surgery, I am having some issues with left calf and some hamstring cramping (most likely the nerves waking up again and functioning once again) and do get really tired but I know all is temporary and will continue to improve with time. With that, I am VERY grateful!

Well… Off to PT and training at Froedtert Sports Med., again so grateful for all their support!

Have a SUPER day!


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