Major wake up call! Hello…

Wow, so pleased with the first 3.5 weeks progress. Rehab. Is going great, long walks, easy aerobic workouts, and back to work for the “allowed half days”

However, I woke to a MAJOR wake up call in the realization of just how weak and how much muscle strength I have lost. Something as simple as some single leg balancing and mini single leg squats on a unstable surface had my glutes (butt muscles) on FIRE this AM. Without doubt far more sore than after ANY race or training run I have ever completed. The great news is NO back pain associated at all with the screaming glutes. So I must admit I have said my athletic trainer/coach/rehab and conditioning extraordinaire Mike’s name in vain multiple times today. On one hand I’m thrilled to have the feedback that the glutes are working and therefore getting stronger, on the other hand it’s disheartening to realize that many hours of handwork now must be worked through again. So the journey continues. I won’t lose faith, I will give 100%, and when it’s time I will perform my best with God leading the way!

So after a 65 min walk I’ve listened to my body (probably my hardest obstacle) and spent the day catching up on reading, planning and writing for my next newsletter, and yes (so weird) took a nap.

Someone asked me this week, “how do you comeback so quick and strong from such invasive surgeries” my simple reply… I don’t dwell on them or the past, I move forward with recovery like I have trained for every race. Positive attitude, relentless optimism, faith, and dedication .. That’s all 😉

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer temps! Happy weekend and live each day to it’s fullest pursuing your greatest passions!


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