Memorial Day Fun, Nerve Re-Generation, and Energy From Angel’s

Wow, what a weekend that ended with great fun with friends/extended family. Sat. had a great time catching up with a close friend Sarah over coffee at Starbucks, seemed to run a million errands and ended the evening hanging out with little E (Sarah’s awesome 6 year old) so Mom and Dad could have a nice evening out.

Ethan skateboarded, we played catch and soccer, talked about his running as he is part of the “Mile Club” at school, went to Noodles and Co. and Ethan explained the entire background of the Backyardigans to me. We read Curious George and he was fast asleep.

Sunday a relaxing AM, followed by catching up with a friend and mentor in the afternoon.

Monday (Memorial Day) I trained clients all AM… all of which worked very hard. Maybe working off planned festivities in the afternoon?

After work I headed over to a party myself at the Baker’s (the best of friends and extended family). Was great to see the kids and  enjoyed possibly a few to many adult beverages (no, not the kids ;-), great food, and lots of laughs.

The kids always make us laugh! Sometimes it’s really fun to see through their eyes and watch how they can really have fun with the simplest of things.

Today was interesting. Some days it just seems things get a touch overwhelming. While I am so happy and grateful to have feeling in my leg and foot again… now that the nerves are re-generating, there are times of intense pain that seem more frequent each day. I have decided neuro re-generation is a double edged sword and …. yes, that is what it feels like going into my foot and lower leg. I am keeping my Faith strong, knowing we are not given more than what we can handle (boy, sometimes I really hate that phrase). LOL

It was while training a client this AM that reality hit a bit. I was of course wearing my pink SI4S bracelet when a client asked what it was for, I said… an amazing energetic and positive person that was taken to soon. Then a flash back of Jeff (also taken to soon in a cycling accident). Such loss that I still at times question reasoning, and then am reminded that they are now the energy that propels my every step is sent down from the angels from above, such energetic and inspiring friends that gave so much and touched so many lives. Life is just to short, enjoy the journey and find those that inspire you to help you get through the toughest of time.

So while it is going great on many levels, I will take the moments of pain and frustration, and ask for patience and understanding. I am each day living my dream and that is to inspire and motivate others to Never Give Up and Enjoy the Journey!

(picture of the pink bracelet, SI4S, Smash It For Sally.


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