Progress and pain

Wow, was reminded by a friend it’s been 13 days since I posted last. Crazy but true !!! I will say the last 47 days since I had major spine surgery have in some ways flown by and in others have felt like eternity. There has been both amazing progress and pain. The pain has centralized in my left foot. Nerve pain which can only be described as burning pins and needles. The weirdest thing… It is a circulation thing. When up and training it feels a lot better, almost unnoticeable. When relaxing or TRYING to sleep it is unbearable. We are trying numerous remedies and I only hope
it gets more manageable soon!

Progress … YES! I’m feeling good. Pretty amazed what I can do. Today a great workout! I’m so grateful to have been doing the elliptical, walking, AND tomorrow will start the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill at 50% bodyweight. So incredibly grateful for the friends, coaches, and medical team guiding and motivating me. You all rule!

Moving?… Yes!!! 32 days to paradise! Well maybe 35 days, moving days are tough but once into the new place it will be amazing. 2 bedrooms, dining area, 1.5 bathrooms, washer/dryer, balcony, garage, and insane closet space (I

might have enough room for my shoes) Can you say super EXCITED? I’m also very grateful for those offering to help me move. I’ll buy you beer I promise 😉

Also so grateful for my place of employment. Vita in Fox Point is just simple a complete pleasure to go to every day. Great client, awesome employees, top tools for training clients, and always a fun and motivating atmosphere! Just shows if you are patient, the right thing comes along!

Well, a busy week in the making. Athletic training/performance enhancement/Alter G.. 3 days this week. Clients to train, a visit to the barn, 2 follow-up Dr appt.’s, social get together with best friend possibly while enjoying some sushi, working on an e-book and a couple new programs that hope to offer at Vita, and becoming an affiliate with a couple amazing companies offering products that will blow your mind away!!!! And if I find a second or 2, will be working on the non-profit!

Times like this my wish is to just be able to hug and have a chat with my Grandpa Don! He always had such logic and positivity and always made me feel I could accomplish the improbable with my attitude and perseverance. I love you Grandpa more than anything and miss the hugs and candy in church curdled up to you sharing the hymn book! You will forever be my angel!

That’s all for now! Remember one thing! NEVER stop believing in yourself and your dreams!


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