Good times!

Realized it was time for an update. Tuesday will be 9 weeks since surgery and despite a few small set-backs, I am doing great. I am training and rehabbing at Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute and Performance Enhancement .  And using the Alter-G Anti-gravity treadmill a few times a week. I have progressed to a few workouts a week outside and it feels amazing to be outside enjoying the warmer weather.

Work at Vita in Fox Point is going great as well, and I feel so lucky to have such great clients and do what I love for a living. Vita provides the best environment, fun, and a structured atmosphere to help you achieve your goals. I currently work with individuals of all ages, beginning exercisers to Ironman triathletes..and everyone in between.

I’m also loving the Brooks T7 Racer. I am currently wearing it for most workouts and could not be happier. I also really like training in the Brooks Silence.

I have been alternating those and have added in some walks and time on my feet in the Vibrams Bikila

Also am getting CRAZY excited to be moved into the new place. NOT excited about the act of moving and the effort involved but it will be awesome to have a much larger living area, garage, balcony, etc.

Now I just need to get rid of what I don’t use or need. Goodwill will be getting a huge donation. I’m in the profession of simplifying life and living with the ideals of less is more (except with running shoes). The more the merrier 😉

As far as fueling long days and hard training sessions. I have become quite the fan of smoothies, gluten free oatmeal, fruit, and quinoa salads. Portable, easier, and digestible. Still having a few issues with GI system and heading to see a specialist in the next week or so. It sure takes a bit of thinking before I eat, but am grateful I have found options that seem to work great.

The last 2 weekends were spent enjoying some fun times at the Tour of Americas Dairyland Bike Race Series. I even ate some chicken sausage, ok after a few margaritas.









So the week starts tomorrow. Very excited to be working with Brett Schumacher, as Coach, and continuing to be guided by Mike Ribar at Froedtert Sports Med. Add to that my amazing friends and Dr.’s… Dr. Porter, Dr. Lesko, Dr. Werner, Dr. Vetter, Dr. Kreiner, and Dr. Niedfeldt… and I am in the best of hands as I recover from a tough 2.5 years. It is with everyone’s support and belief that I have a burning desire to be not only a smart athlete but a competitive athlete moving forward.

Here’s to a great week ahead. Happy training in ALL that you do!


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