Stuart McGill, the bike, and Happy 4th!

It’s the 4th of July. A day to be grateful for so much. Always a bittersweet day filled with mixed emotions. 11 years ago I was hit by a car while cycling, breaking my back, and changing my life in so many ways. However, I have learned so much in the journey following that accident and I am forever grateful to everyone that has helped me along the way. Many thanks.

I just finished (cover to cover) Stuart McGill’s book Low Back Disorder’s (considered by most medical professionals as the Bible of the back. I learned so much, it was a great read (at times a bit complex) but I feel I have a much broader understanding of the anatomy, movement stresses and forces, tissue trauma, the load placed on the spine in different positions, and “smarter” exercises for those with or those trying to avoid low back pain. Personal experience has been a tool of education but McGill really explained in detail the why’s, if’s, and how’s. I think this should be required reading for ANYONE in the medical, coaching, rehabilitation, and personal training industry.

I’m interested in reading his other book, Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, as this book goes to the next level and integrates an exercise prescription and guidelines for instituting exercise and performance training for those with lower back disorders and those looking for  safe and effective exercises to further performance goals.

As a side note. I am very lucky and grateful for those that are helping me return to a competitive level and already are so talented in their knowledge and their guidance.

The end of last week I was able to get out on my bike. The trail was almost silent and being out there on the bike was great. I took a few pictures, listened to Mother Nature, thought of the craziness of the next couple weeks, and reflected a bit on the last several years of my life. Yes, a few bad cards have been dealt but at the same time I could not be more grateful for those that support my passions. Of course I wish I would not have had to go through the huge hurdles but I have learned compassion, patience (some Dr.’s would disagree here), and I have learned that Faith and Belief can get you through ANY hurdle placed in your way. From the day the EMT’s said, you might not regain feeling in your legs….to the Dr.’s that have said I would never run after the accident….to those that have said I am wasting my life away pursuing my passions. You are all wrong. I will pursue very dream and passion with Faith and a huge smile, on good days and bad. I will prove to anyone that feels defeated that you are NOT. Keep climbing the mountain and eventually you will get to the top and see that there are no limits…it is only the sky that is the limit. So keep going!

A few pics from a serene bike ride!

I can’t believe I am moving in 9 days. Just locally but to a wonderful new place with garage, balcony, 2nd bedroom, and lots of closet space (for my running shoes!) I have not even started to pack but I know that I will eventually get it all done (benefits of espresso). I am also helping put together some super exciting new programs and opportunities at Vita Personal Training & Physical Therapy , where I work as a Personal Trainer and Coach.

I am super excited of the offerings that are being finalized which will give the community and current and future clients the best in guidance, support, motivation, and the ability to accomplish their goals and dreams.

A quick update: my back is feeling great, I am able to start more structured “smart” training, I am getting stronger each week, I have started a little horse back riding again (a HUGE passion that I am doing ONLY for pure enjoyment, no competing, no pressures), and am even starting to get a bit of feeling back in my left lower leg. All things to smile about. We are still trying to figure out some GI issues but I am in good hands and undergoing more tests. Keeping a positive attitude is the only way to deal with adversity. So I will keep smiling, as no one else needs to be brought down, only inspired and encouraged!

Have a safe holiday and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! 🙂


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