Just Do It (always with a smile :-)

Do all the good you can do

By all the means you can

In all the ways you can

In all the places you can

At all the times you can

To all the people you can

As long as you can!

Something my Grandpa taught me and I re-read the other day. So true and powerful.

Things are good. Back is doing GREAT! Possibly getting some answers soon to the mal-absorption of nutrients and fatigue issues. I can only continue to smile and look for the positive in everything, a attitude that has gotten me through a lot. It appears that some lifestyle choices might have to change but I am not jumping to any conclusions yet. I am grateful to have awesome support from friends and know that despite the results, they will be beside me. I can only continue to inspire and motivate others through my positive and grateful outlook on life.

It’s been a fun weekend. The move is complete and I love my new place. Had an awesome workout today at Lions Den and I am so excited about the progress I am making just 11 weeks after back surgery. Back is feeling really good.

This week brings …. training, working with clients, continuing to unpack and get settled, and medical tests and Dr. appt’s. Right now, it’s just reality. Hoping to be able to nix the Dr. appt.’s soon.

So my word’s to you all, just get up and get out there and do what you are passionate about and give back to those when you can. Hugs!


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