A little about me…and how I run with things!

Was reading a great article today on how we must live each day to it’s fullest but remember to smell the roses and breath in the fresh air. Funny, sounds so normal but when was the last time I did either one.

So tonight I sat outside on the balcony; relaxing in the lounge chair with a glass of white wine, reflecting on some of the questions that were asked in the article.

Toughest lesson I’ve ever learned: You have to live your life and no one else’s. Do what makes your heart full and happy. Don’t let anyone tell you that anything is impossible.

Book that changed my life: God On The Starting Line by Marc Bloom… it is a book of Faith, trust, dedication, commitment, and belief. All things I stand for and have helped me persevere

The Movie I Watch When I Want to Laugh: What About Bob … with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss

One Habit I’m Trying to Change: Listening to my body… when I am tired and feel like a zombie on auto-pilot I need to take a step back. Get’s back to taking some time to smell the roses and breath some fresh air.

How I Stay Fit: Running, cycling, snow shoeing, and riding horses

No One Knows I…:  HATE asking for help. I was raised to be tough and persevere no matter what. I have a hard time showing weakness.

How I Unwind: Long run followed by time sitting outside with a great book or iPad… also time spent riding horses (It’s just me and a 1200 lb animal and it’s purely awesome)

One Of My Biggest Fear’s: To disappoint anyone that I care about.

People Look To Me For: Motivation, guidance, direction, and fun!

Words I Live By: To Give Anything Less Than Your Best is to Sacrifice The Gift – Pre



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