Choose Who You Listen To…

A lesson learned and so grateful for it. DON’T LISTEN to those that tell you “you can’t”, “you won’t”, “you are not allowed”. Why, you ask? You are only letting others limit your success, happiness, determination, and your perseverance.

Throughout my life, I have heard a lot of “you won’t” and “you can’t”. Just more motivation to prove them wrong. Eleven years ago, I heard I would never be an athlete again, 5 years ago I spent most days living off pain killers and fighting physically and emotionally the limitations of a deteriorating spine, 2.5 years ago my spine was stabilized with plates, rods, and screws, and just 15 weeks ago another spine surgery to put in more screws and take out part of the vertebrae.

I prayed and prayed to God, that he would show and guide me through the obstacles and help me climb the tallest mountains. I asked for his strength and courage. I also asked him to help me believe that they were wrong. To those that told me “you can’t”, I asked God to enlighten them on my true being; my passions, my strength, my determination, and my perseverance. I will not lie, I was scared and felt so very lost. But I prayed for strength and asked God that he direct me in his will for me, whatever that may be. That itself, took the most courage of all.

The process has had mountains in the way, but moments of pure passion to accompany the mountains. There have been numerous tears often mixed with sweat during this comeback. However, it is the most difficult moments of rehab. that have enlightened me with God’s grace and his footnotes for the rest of my life. I am grateful.

This AM, was a turning point. I was out striding along under the rising sun (it was quite early) and for the first time in months, I felt like me. I felt God lifting up my legs and guiding me towards the light. He was patiently reminding me that He is who I listen to. It is only others that limit living to your greatest meaning.

15 weeks after I was told, “I couldn’t” …… I proved I could, pain free, smiling ear to ear, feeling like someone given the greatest gift. FAITH!



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