As Doors Open, Others Close.

We can never really plan life. Life has many surprises, obstacles, and questions.

Today I made a very hard choice. A choice that hurts in so many ways but after prayer and guidance from friends and family, a decision I had to make. I have decided to no longer choose the profession of personal training. I will continue to grow my health & wellness consulting business and provide guidance and direction to those looking for overall wellness, just not in a personal training role. No longer a Personal Trainer, now a Consultant. I have been personal training clients since I was in college (11 years ago) and I have not only loved guiding others but have been touched by so many individuals. I am grateful.

I will now take my experience and passion to an unknown direction. My love of sales, business, active lifestyle, and customer relations will no doubt lead me to my next adventure, whatever that shall be. I will take so many great experiences from my past and let them enlighten my future.

Adversity has been paramount the last couple years. Even at the darkest moments, I must believe we are only given what we can handle. I know with my Faith, Friends, Courage, and Perseverance…all will work out and obstacles will be overcome.

Today I attended a dear friends’ father’s funeral. I took 2 very profound messages away from the service celebrating his life.

1. One must not live in fear.(Something I am working on daily)

2. No one knows when you are born, what you will become. You might not understand the pathway to a loved one’s future, but what really matter’s is the support and love of family, friends, and ability to give back to others.

I now take the next step on my journey. I will be giving back to those that have touched my life. I will continue to be an advocate for health, fitness, wellness, and athletic performance. I will utilize my sales skills to help others and I will continue working on a book about “overcoming adversity”. Any way I can touch and inspire another life, is a way I can find the courage to strengthen my own.

“Fearless isn’t not having fear, fearless is having many fears and jumping anyway”



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