Are You Acidic?

Regulating the body’s acid / alkaline chemistry through simple changes in diet can result in less inflammation, weight loss, stronger immune system, increased strength and stamina, decreased risk of injuries and illnesses, and greater overall welless.

We now face more dietary based health challenges than ever before. Rapidly growing numbers of different forms of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are in direct relation to the increase in consumption of acid forming foods including; sugar, trans fats, white flour products, saturated fats, and refined “food” products. As a society we are increasing our consumption of refined foods and therefore decreasing our consumption of the “whole” foods that nourish our bodies providing optimal wellness.

What is an alkaline diet?

Simple! It is consuming foods and liquids which have an alkaline effect on the body. All foods have a mineral content, everything you consume has an effect on the pH of the body, either it will have an alkaline or an acidic effect. Foods that have an acidifying effect (those containing sugar, trans fats, dairy, some meats, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, chemicals, etc) increase inflammation. Inflammation leads to disease (dis-ease) in the body. Inflammation is the beginning of illness and injury.

No it is not necessary to eliminate all acid producing foods from your diet. But you are more than happy to if you would like. The majority of us should aim to eat 80% alkaline foods and a maximum of 20% acid producing foods.

What will changing your diet do for you?

• Increase energy

• Boost immune system functioning

• Decrease inflammation which will prevent injury and illness

• Improve recovery rate from training and speed cellular regeneration

• Increase strength and stamina

• Enhance weight loss and a healthy body composition

What inspired me to research and implement this approach to nutrition?

Necessity. After undergoing 7 surgeries in the past 3 years due to effects of a traumatic cycling accident I was forced to seek out an optimal approach to fueling my body and helping it recovery. In addition, being an elite athlete, coach, certified trainer, and wellness consultant; I wanted to provide others with only the best guidance and direction in helping them achieve their individual goals. I now believe that one key way to deal with stress whether physical or emotional is through nutrition, exercise, and simply taking the time to enjoy the small things….cause really they are the big things.

For more information on an alkaline nutrition plan, recipes, and more. Contact Cristin / Ultimate Stamina Consulting 

Ultimate Stamina\’s Website


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