Excited for the future at Performance Running Outfitters

I write this blog with a HUGE smile and excitement for the future in my profession and passion for specialty running retail, sales, and guiding runners and customers in their product choice and training. I accepted the awesome opportunity to work for Performance Running Outfitters today. PRO is not only an outstanding resource for those looking for running/walking shoes, apparel, and accessories but also the best resource for training advice, classes, good form running clinics, and general health/fitness guidance. I am so excited to be part of this team and very grateful for the opportunity.

This leads me into stressing a lesson I think everyone should think about. While I was offered another lucrative opportunity, it was not where my heart told me to go. I can’t stress the amount of hours I prayed and contemplated both opportunities. I talked with friends, weighed the pro’s and con’s, went for a run and even talked to the tree’s I passed (seeing if they had anything to share, they didn’t 😉

What it really came down to was, where did I see myself being able to give the most, where did I see myself long term and being happy for a very long time, and what opportunity did I feel the most excited about. Very simple and logical. I see so many individuals that work to live. I want to live to work, working in an atmosphere that I am truly passionate about.

If you think about it, most of us work close to 40 hours a week or more. Why wouldn’t you want those 40 hours to be enjoyable? I have always stressed and advocated that life is short, and we must all live each day to the fullest… had I chosen the other opportunity I would not be following my own advice. Practice what you preach!!!!



So I look forward to helping Performance Running Outfitters in every single way I can with 100% effort and commitment. I hope to see you all in the stores (Shorewood, Brookfield, and Oconomowoc) and even if not purchasing at the time, stop in and visit, ask questions, check out all that PRO offers in terms of classes and clinics. The running community is a tight group and we are all here to help each other out. That is why I am so grateful to call myself a runner!

Happy Sunday and have a GREAT week!!!


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