Life Is Good!

I figured since I have been awake since 2 AM thinking about much excitement and pondering the future I have begun, it was fitting to update the blog.

Life is good!! For the first time in several years I feel I am moving in the direction God has planned for me. I am back in a profession (specialty running retail) that I both am passionate about and have over 8 years of experience (sales, asst. manager, manager, and owner through out the years), I am working for such wonderful people and friends at Performance Running Outfitters  .

I see myself being with them forever. I am also really starting to see my body adapt to the training and recovery from the series of spine procedures. I am re-connecting with my love of running on a whole new amazing level and journey. I am slowly building my immune system back up with a clean (for the most part) approach to nutrition (no gluten, limited dairy and sugar, lots of lean protein, sushi, and tons of fruit/veggies. There is no “label” on this way of eating or nutrition approach…just a mix of sound and proven research.I am compiling recipes for an upcoming cookbook for athletes, just good, EASY, simple meals with ingredients that can be found at a standard farmer’s market or grocery store.

I have started to casually ride horses again for fun on days off and have discovered just how much I have missed it. I now head to the stable without the pressure of ownership, competing, or being the best. I tack up, get on, ride around for fun smiling and laughing, and get to take care and spend time with a few 1200 lb + animals that at times can be quite comical. It is AMAZING!

I am also so continually grateful for my medical support team, who never ceases to amaze me for putting up with my craziness and sometimes over optimistic outlook. You guys are special and so appreciated…. and I know you continue to just shake your heads at times. Can’t say I don’t try!!!

I also feel so blessed to have the opportunity to train at one of the most amazing Sports Medicine facilities in the world. Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute along with their Performance Enhancement Trainers/ Athletic Trainers / PT.’s/ Dr.’s , the highest quality training equipment, and an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill make Froedtert a place to fullfill and accomplish any goal you set. Several times a week I can be found training and rehabbing within these walls and could not think of any more rewarding place to train. Thanks guys!!!!

A few recent pics. (Riding again!, Holding my best friend’s 1 day old daughter Julia!!, and training in Cedarburg, Loving life!



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