A dream, an Angel (Jeff Littmann)

I had a dream last night and a visit from not only a special friend but someone I always and will always look up to. Now I look up to the sky and at times can hear his voice. Jeffy was taken to heaven a little over 11 months ago and I miss him very much. In High School he pulled me aside. Told me I would and could be anything I wanted to be. He  then became my coach and trainer, weeks later I was working at his health clubs, and forever a friendship so strong was built. Jeff was my role model. I watched his persistence, determination, and love for everyone around him. Jeff was special in so many ways. He was who I wanted to emulate … I wanted to be just as great of a person as Jeff always was.

Last night I had a conversation with him. Told him just how much he is missed by everyone. He always loved Ironman WI weekend. Today is Ironman WI. I asked him about my training, am I doing it right? I told him some days are really hard and I lack the motivation. As always he turned that into fire for me to help me overcome and succeed. I miss the hugs he would give me and how he would always tell me, I could accomplish anything. As I sit here with tears streaming down my face, I know Jeff is saying “get out there and train” so I smile.

Tonight in many ways I will dedicate time to Jeff as I attend the Brewer game with friends and a team of my Dr.’s who have all helped me overcome injuries from a cycling accident. Jeff was right there to help me back after the accident in 2000, standing next to my side the first day allowed on the bike trainer. Smiling at me and telling me to focus. Jeff was determined to get me back after that accident and he was beside me daily while rehabbing. Tonight and always he is with me, “the wind is your friend” and now the wind is Jeffy right by my side.

Miss you Jeff and you are loved by so many. Thanks for being our Angel

(I now go out and run with you Jeff giving me strength from above)


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