Grateful and human

Just realized the last update was about 2 weeks ago. Time flies. Wanted to posted a little update. First I want to say that I am so grateful for my job at Performance Running Outfitters. Daily, I get the opportunity to help and guide runners, walkers, and those looking to be part of the PRO family. The customers are so grateful for PRO’s support and guidance, and watching them smile as they leave the store makes my job just that much more rewarding.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be at a Corporate Wellness Expo and talked to several that have been customers at PRO and several that will be visiting us for shoes, apparel, or accessories. It was a good day!

My training has been coming along and some days are MUCH easier than others. I have had a few big weeks of mileage and this past week has been a little more difficult. Running is such a fickle sport. I would like to say my body is adapting and some days it feels it is, other days I have to force myself out to train. (We are all human). A few things are certain…

1. I will be running the Boston Marathon in April

2. I will run my first ultra in 2012

Other than that I am trying not to set to much in stone as the long term goals are the most important, those being after Jan. of 2014. I would really like to get my feet wet at some of the trail races (longer the better). And will continue to work with my amazing team of Dr.’s, coaches, and trainers. What I am able to do is a gift given to me through all the adversity and I plan to use that gift not only to inspire others but to live each day to the fullest.

On a tougher note. Word became public yesterday that the driver that took Jeff Littmann’s life on Oct. 5 was not given any penalties or charges. I read the report with tears and heart-ache. While penalizing and charging the driver will NOT bring Jeff back to us, it is wrong and unfair. Criminal charges I feel are not necessarily appropriate but should that have been a construction worker or someone in another car, I know the charges would have been quite severe. Why is it that cyclists continue to have no protection by the law, why is it that driver’s feel no need to give the cyclists the required 3 feet of protection and space. After being hit myself by an inattentive driver and 11 years later suffering the consequences daily, it hurts not only physically but emotionally. We miss you Jeff.

Yesterday it was windy. I had to do hill repeats. It was only fitting that each hill repeat was into a stiff headwind. On a day Jeff didn’t get the justice he deserved, he was saying from above “a headwind is our friend” —something Jeff said so frequently out on rides.

I now head out to run. I pray for strength for Jeff’s family and friends. I pray that we can be all kept safe while out doing what we love. And I pray for the strength and courage in overcoming the daily adversities. We are all human and when times are tough, you must find what fills your heart.


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