New Beginnings

Life has been a blur, soon the AM and PM ‘s will be covered in a blanket of darkness, and the temps will soon have us rebelling from uncovering from our down comforters. Reminds me, sure could use one of those as I will attempt to not turn on the heat until absolute necessary (maybe Feb.). Gotta save $ and it’s better for the environment.
I’m grateful to be recovering quickly from a minor knee procedure last week. Have graduated to the elliptical and next week will be able to get back out on the road to run.
I realized something very important, it is at times that one can only trust and put Faith in their Higher Power. Running does not define me, I am a child of God. However running provides me with unconditional support and a passion that lights up my inner being. Running has saved me and helped me process such internal darkness and has helped me accomplish moments of such joy and amazement. So, why do I run? I run to feel closer to my Higher Power through fulfilling a gift he has provided me, I run to feel a sense of worthiness not provided in my past, and I run to explore the beauty Mother Nature surrounds us with. I don’t run for me, I run for God!

Next blog…. My favorites that I allow to join me on my spiritual journeys … Shoes, apparel, accessories, and something a bit sentimental! 😉


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