Success and Significance

Sometimes there is simply no explanation of why things happen the way they do. …

Came home from meeting with a friend and role model today and picked up October’s Success magazine. What I read on the first pages was simply priceless. As spoken by Darren Hardy, SUCCESS Publisher and Editorial Director

“As a society, I think we often misunderstand the word success. Our society celebrates those who obtain fame, wealth, power, and celebrity… – and we call them successful. Success is often equated to an achieved status, rather than a measure of value or contribution.” “We might have acquired everything we ever wanted except for one thing that really matters – Significance. We want to know that our lives meant something, that we’ve had a positive impact on the lives of others. And only significance provides that; success by itself cannot. The interesting thing is that you can be successful and not significant, but you cannot be significant without being successful. …”Your life – your legacy – will be defined by the positive and lasting impact you had on people…” – Darren Hardy

All these words, so timely. When Darren asked towards the end of the article “Are you living your life in pursuit of success or significance? Success by itself is empty. Only a life in pursuit of significance can grant you both”. – Darren Hardy

I had a warm comforting feeling. I sat there remembering the times in my life I have prayed to God for his strength and courage. I would ask him to help me inspire others to overcome the scariest and most overwhelming of times. I have told many that I don’t want to be remembered as a runner, athlete, coach, trainer, writer, etc.. I want to be remembered as that determined and passionate individual that with perseverance inspired others to overcome anything they are forced to face. “The headwind is your friend”- thanks Jeff Littmann

We are given the ability to make choices. Choices of how we handle circumstances, choices of how we choose to help those we love, and choices on how we choose to impact others. As someone who is lucky enough to be in the customer service environment, I think it is important to remember these truths. (Research conducted at the Tyler International Research Institute Inc.)

• Poor service is the No.1 reason American companies lose business
• The average dissatisfied customer tells nine others of their dissatisfaction
• The average satisfied customer tells only five people
• It costs between five and ten times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one
• Customers pay more for better service

It just goes to show that you must treat each individual with the greatest respect not always knowing what they are being forced to deal with. We can all be great role models and provide significance in those lives that cross our paths.

Be significant and then you will be successful 😉


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