Crazy Energizer Bunny, SLOW down.

Hey guys, it’s been quite a week but the Energizer Bunny (aka Me) keeps going. Last Sunday was my first race back since the 3rd and final back surgery and it went well. Managed a win in my AG and 3rd overall. All in all, happy with where I am and excited about training smart while preparing for the Boston Marathon in April and Ice Age in May. I will also run some 5K’s this winter in support of RACC (Racers Against Childhood Cancer). The best part of last Sunday was just being around so many friends in the running community and taking part in such a great event.

I am also having some fun with cooking and baking. Have really cleaned up my diet, trying to limit added sugars and anything to processed. That means preparing food ahead of time and eating foods in their natural state. So far so good. The workouts are feeling great. A constant experiment but I am happy to have found a path of nutrition where I don’t have stomach aches and am able to absorb nutrients. Appears that gluten and sugar were the main culprits to my digestion and absorption issues in the past. Finally figuring it out!!!! :-))

I did get a nasty chest cold/ upper respiratory bug this past week which has limited workouts this week and taught me the very valuable lesson …. mind over matter doesn’t always work. Gotta get better and listening to my body and not just my mind.

Today I taught another great Bare Essentials Runner’s Clinic at Performance Running in Shorewood. Awesome group this morning and everyone worked hard and did GREAT! A great way to get a workout full of exercises to help prevent injury and become more efficient while donating $5 to Razor Sharp Minds Foundation for Alzheimer’s research and treatment. Clinic’s are Saturday’s at PRO from 8:30-9:30 AM, limited to the first 12 to register and cost $5/week. For more info contact me at

Also working hard on putting together the Milwaukee Natural Running Group, helping runner’s become educated on running with more efficient mechanics and bringing runner’s together as part of the community. Milwaukee Natural Running Group can be foundhere; Milwaukee Natural Running Group, sign up and get notified about social runs, clinics and training classes at Performance Running Outfitters, and much more!

Looking forward to a less stressful and healthier week ahead, busy it will be with work, training, coaching, writing, and getting Xmas cards out. Despite adversities in the last couple years; I remain so grateful for my Faith, friends and family, amazing job opportunity, support and guidance from my Doctors and Trainers, passion for running, and my ability to inspire others.

Looking forward to meeting some friends at PRO to map out the course for the Dec 11 Trail Run tomorrow and then headed down to the Santa Shuffle to cheer everyone on and take some pics. Was planning on racing but after being sick all week, we decided it was not in the cards. No big deal.

Made some homemade gluten free pumpkin bread with walnuts and a few chocolate chips tonight. Turned out good! Pic and recipe in a future blog.

Well, off to watch the Badgers hopefully beat Michigan State in the Big 10 Conference Championship game, so far it has been quite the amazing game to watch. Go Badgers!!!!

(Photo: Meet Piper the Greatest Dane, coolest pup on the planet, and my bodyguard)…. cause I’m cool like that 😉

Have a great rest of the weekend and live each day to the fullest!!!


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