Life Is Good!

I’m Smiling 🙂 It’s 5:20 PM, I’m home from work, had a great workout this AM, and I now sit here…wine in hand, in sweatpants, and just relaxing. Yes, there are things like paperwork, holiday cards and stuff to wrap, emails to answer, and mail to sort through but instead I am relaxing on the couch with wine.

It dawned on me today and I have been running around like a crazy person lately. When someone recommended epsom salt baths to me as a modality for recovery and treatment of soreness and stress, I laughed. I exclaimed back, “I don’t have time for baths”… “Showers yes, baths….they take far to much time.” He then said, “when do you take time for yourself?” I kinda laughed… then I thought about it. I don’t! My time to myself is when I am out training. But is running and training considered relaxing. Maybe so, maybe not. I sit here looking at a pile of books I want to read, netflix is overflowing with movies I have added but not watched, and my recipe pile is growing but have not taken the time to make much of anything lately. Material for my book is amounting in my mind but hasn’t made it to the laptop yet either. No wonder I wake up during the night, laying there wondering if I can add just a bit more to my plate, and wondering if my tiny brain can hold just a bit more.

But life is good. Yes, there is adversity that stands in front of me BUT I have my health (despite a cough) 😉 and I have amazing friends in all walks of life….I have the support and guidance from the best. I have the ability and opportunity to work in the field of my greatest passion and work with/for amazing friends. Most importantly I have my Faith! I know I am a child of God that is love unconditionally and handed strength and courage in times of need.




A friend had a birthday today, unfortunately she is no longer with us, but is now a guardian angel watching over us. She taught me some very valuable lessons. To always be yourself and never stop believing in your dreams. To be “Relentlessly Positive”. To work hard and give back! Thanks Sally 😉

Sally was always so supportive, sending me emails and messages of inspiration! I’ll never ever forget sitting and reading those messages and Sally’s blog. Sally really got it! She understood and no one worked harder. She will ALWAYS inspire me to be the best at whatever I put my mind too. On days I feel overwhelmed and feel inadequate, all I need to do is look at the pictures of Sally doing what she loved to do the most!

Moving forward from today, I’m going to take the time to relax. Baths with a candle burning, time to read and reflect, the occasional (or frequent) glass of wine, and the freedom to write of my adventures and create a book to inspire others.

I will cook and develop a cookbook for those searching for a better way to fuel themselves whether for performance or optimal wellness. I will raise money for spinal research and treatment, knowing that without, I would not be where I am today.

I will find balance! Whether balancing on one leg, firing all those stabilizing muscles OR balancing the “to do’s” with the “relaxers” … Balance is important. I will find the time to go ride horses, I will create the time to attend social events, and I will volunteer my time to those that have provided me with hope and inspiration.

So, yes life is GOOD. I have never focussed on adversity and have used positive optimism to create hope. I will continue to do so. Cause Life Is Good!


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