Want to recovery faster from workouts?

I am forever grateful for everything Froedtert Sports Medicine does in supporting and guiding me in my training and recovery. In addition to using the Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill (available with great prices on training sessions and packages), the Performance Enhancement Program where athletes are guided by the best in the field, and now the Norma-Tec MVP boots to enhance recovery (and available for as little as $5/session to those interested). Seriously an amazing recovery tool.

The Norma-Tec MVP (Most Valuable Pump) boots are unlike the simple intermittent compression gear which has been around for decades.

Norma-Tec MVP mimics normal physiology to help athletes recover faster after workouts, injury, surgery, etc. Norma-Tec’s dynamic compression improves circulation rapidly stimulating bloodflow to nourish muscle and tissue. Using the multi-segmented inflatable boots, fluid in the affected limbs is promptly mobilized via the dynamic pneumatic compression. Norma-tec uses programmable technology to clear legs of post training fluid build-up and accumulated fatigue.

My personal take on this…. it rules. For instance, I am coming to a down week in training after training hard for the previous couple weeks. My legs are tired, sore, yet without doubt getting stronger. This AM I ran on the AlterG treadmill prior to a good and fairly intense strength/core/plyometrics session with Mike at Froedtert Sports Med. After the 1:45 hr. workout my legs were “toast”. Completely fatigued and very tight. I spent 20 minutes in the Norma-Tec boots and after taking them off my legs felt immediately lighter and completely fresh.

This sequence of events has occurred numerous times and my legs feel fresh immediately and it carries over the next few days. I am then able to get more quality training in without compensating due to fatigue and soreness. No price can be put on that and for as little as $5/session, athletes need to take advantage of this great resource offered.

For more information and to set up a session to use the Norma-Tec MVP boots, contact Froedtert Sports Medicine at  (414)805-7114.


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