Chiropractic care crucial to my comeback!

Several times a week I am asked by other athletes if I believe in chiropractic care for athletes. My response, YES..YES..YES as long as you are working with the “right” and knowledgable chiropractor that has both the experience and the long term goals in mind. I am forever grateful and feel blessed to be treated and guided by some of the BEST chiropractors in the world at Grafton Chiropractic Center (Dr. Werner, Dr. Meske, and Dr. Ziegler). I have been sponsored by these great doctors for several years and know that without their help and guidance I would not be where I am today… running pain free. 🙂

Grafton Chiropractic Center opened it’s doors in 1984 and today are some of the most respected clinicians in the field. Each patient is treated as an individual with their goals and lifestyle playing a role in their treatment plan. The atmosphere is comforting and welcoming and strong family and community values show in numerous ways. Grafton Chiropractic provides excellence in care and support to each and every individual that enters it’s facility. In addition, Grafton Chiropractic has state of the art rehab. technology allowing patients to accelerate their healing and comfort.

Services offered include; chiropractic adjustments, X-ray imaging, massage therapy, physiotherapy, postural evaluations, orthodics, nutritional counseling and recommendations, rehabilitation exercise protocols and programs, trigger point therapy, traction, myofascial release, ultrasound, electro-stimulation, light therapy, and lumbar/cervical decompression…all under one roof.

I feel blessed, grateful, and extremely lucky to be treated by such professionals that are so supportive in my goals and future running plans. Thanks Dr. Werner, Dr. Meske, Dr. Ziegler, and the staff for all you do for myself and our community. Contact Grafton Chiropractic Center at (262) 377-2400 or at 1664 7th Avenue, Grafton, WI 53024



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