New Years Resolutions

As I said farewell to 2011 last night I laid in bed reflecting on what needed to be changed as I head into 2012. I am so grateful for an amazing job that I truly love and awesome co-workers that are not only friends but part of a “family”.

After 17 months (which included 3 spine surgeries and 3 knee surgeries) I am running without back pain. I am able to participate in races again and it is simply amazing to see and be part of the running community again. There were times in 2011 that we (myself and Dr.’s) were not even sure I would regain feeling and function in my leg and foot due to the spine issues. Those were VERY scary moments. But yesterday (the last day of 2011) I ran a 5K for Racers Against Childhood Cancer in the AM and then had a great 10 mile run late in the afternoon. I sorta had to pinch myself wondering if it was really a reality. Yep, it was 😉

So what are my resolutions and goals for 2012….

1. Realize that I’m incapable of making everyone in the world happy. Happiness comes from the inside, and so I need to realize that it’s not my responsibility to make others happy.

2. Take time for Me. Read, ride horses, relax, write. I really need to learn to stop saying “Yes” and learn that once in awhile “No” is what is best for me.

3. Plant based nutrition with the addition of fish. Gluten and dairy… sorry, you gotta go! Also plan to adopt a more holistic approach to optimal wellness. (Probably still won’t become a Yogi 😉

4. Continue my work in changing people’s lives by proving to them adversity can be overcome

5. Continual work on building my Faith and trusting others.

6. Explore ultra-running and tackle the Ice Age 50, 3 weeks after running the Boston Marathon. Two major opportunities that I will do everything in my power to accomplish with success. I will train smart and let those that know best (Mike, etc) guide me.

7. Continue working on writing my book! You guessed it… it’s about overcoming the challenges placed in your path.

8. Improve my natural running technique and help educate others of the benefits.

9. Get a puppy! 😉

I was recently told “Cristin, it is ok to ask for help, it is ok to not smile and say everything is fine/great/etc, it is ok to be honest. I won’t lie, 2011 has without doubt been the most challenging year of my life. I learned many valuable lessons. The most important is that one can only take so much and it is sometimes necessary to reach out and accept the help of others. (Something I have NEVER been comfortable with.) I have also learned just how strong I can be in the scariest of times. I have learned my endurance lies far beyond how far I can run. And I have learned just how important true friends are, the ones that despite the toughest times continually check in and are by your side.

So moving to 2012, I am excited for change. I will continue with my 3 Affirmations … FAITH – BELIEF – PERSEVERANCE. And I will pray for courage, strength, and happiness.

Happy New Year and may you have a happy and blessed 2012.


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