I should know better than write when I am frustrated but we can learn a lesson from this.

I heard a handful of different people tell me today. “I can’t”…. Yes you can! You choose to make an excuse to tell yourself that it is not possible. As I pulled away from a long day at the store I thought to myself, “why do people make excuses, why can’t people believe in themselves, why must we aim for a marathon before a mile and then throw in the towel with frustration.

Of the 8 individuals that told me today, “they couldn’t”… 7 of them had no reason for not trying and the 8th individual just needed a few modifications. Are we lazy? Yes, probably… Are we busy? Yes, most are… Will it be difficult at first? Yes, without doubt. Can we achieve what our mind conceives ???? YES

After talking to a customer that was doing her best to assure me she dreamed of running, wanted it badly, but was scared to run because she was out of shape. Then she said, I guess I will just walk and never run. I had mixed emotions. I was both frustrated and mad at her, and felt for her. I looked at her and said, I was scared to when I went into surgery where they put screws, plates, and rods in my spine. But I didn’t give up and won’t…. then I walked away to grab her another pair of shoes to try. Sometimes tough love hurts a bit.

She said, “WHAT?” I said yes, “we are all scared at times, we are all apprehensive.” To be honest I am a bit nervous (ok, really nervous) about running 20 miles tomorrow AM. It will be the farthest I have gone in over a year and a huge step to my ultimate goals. Basically, YES, I am scared. I have no idea what to expect from my body. But I will go out and give it my best shot. I will not not let my mind tell my soul that I can’t, cause I know I can.

So, here’s a little tip…. DON’T tell me that you can’t!!!!!!

You can speak to me about fear, lack of knowledge, ask me questions, tell me what you need to know, ask about perseverance, ask for tips on keeping a positive outlook BUT DON’T TELL ME THAT YOU CAN’T. That my friends is unacceptable … where there is a will, there is a Higher Power guiding you on your way.


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