Good stuff and future excitement!

Had some time to reflect on my way back from training this AM. I thought of the quote from Ryan Hall, “it takes more courage to take a day off than to do another workout”. Well said, Ryan! Tomorrow is a day off. After some pretty intense workouts, I am really looking forward to the ability to stay in bed to 9:30AM. Yes that is officially 4 hours later than any other morning I wake up. I am so EXCITED. Should I wake, I will watch TV, read a book, grab coffee and get back into bed, it WILL BE FANTASTIC.

I also thought of all the ways I can be better, not necessarily a faster better runner but just healthier, stronger, sharper in both training and life. For the first time in many years I feel put together. Back is doing great, thanks to my amazing team of Dr.’s, Trainers, etc), knees are good, and I am without doubt getting stronger (even though I did want to puke at one point while doing some explosive strength stuff today). And my hamstrings were saying Mike’s name in vain towards the end. LOL

I am grateful for so much right now. My faith is strengthening as I put adversity behind me, I am being guided by the absolute best in my training with Mike Ribar and Froedtert Performance Enhancement .. I have the amazing support of awesome friends. I have a job and profession I am passionate about at Performance Running Outfitters where I have the ability to help customers of all ages and levels adopt running into their lifestyle. I am slowly working on writing a book and plan to grow with my ability to motivate and educate others.

I am also for the first time in my life writing a bucket list. Always had stuff in my head but never on paper. 2012 will have some adventures and amazing journey’s. I will in 2 weeks be running the Ice Breaker Gold Medal Challenge (Half Marathon Sat. and Full Marathon Sun.) around the Pettit Olympic Ice-Skating Track). These 2 events will both be workouts but nonetheless a huge challenge mentally and physically. I will continue to support and take part/race at the Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC) events, I will be heading out to Boston in April to run the Boston Marathon and spend time with my great friend Bev!!!!! (Can’t wait!!!!) We will have a blast. Then 2 weeks later I will be doing one such thing on my bucket list. I will be running the Ice Age 50 Mile Ultra Marathon. The race is on trails and it will be a journey. Each segment dedicated to a part of my life and as the miles pass, the journey will become more challenging. I will finish and dedicate the entire race to my Angels that inspire me from above.

After that…. there will be a Fall Marathon (not much between May and Oct.) but I will prepare myself along with guidance from my TEAM to see what the future holds. Only time will tell. But I am excited and forever grateful that I can take part in my passions and whatever God’s calling is for me.

More later!!! Have a great day and NEVER STOP BELIEVING!!!


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