IceBreaker Weekend Awaits

I have been spending many nights (late into the night) redesigning my blog and coaching opportunities and services. As the New Year begins there is no better time to re-organize a bit and put some focus into my greatest passions. I have started to spend some quality time cooking up healthy gluten free meals utilizing organic and “whole” foods found in the produce section primarily. I could not be more pleased with some of my recent outcomes. As time progresses I hope to be able to provide others with these services.

I also got word today from my Neurosurgeon, Dr. Randall Porter, that the CT scan of my spine reveals great healing and looks fantastic. So very grateful. I am blown away by the amazing and caring support from so many as I overcome 3 major spine surgeries in the last 2 years. I could not have gotten through this without such support from so many.

I am super busy with the greatest job at Performance Running Outfitters helping runners of all ages and abilities, training about 15 hours a week between runs/ strength/ core/ and a little x-training, working on writing my book, and coaching/training a few individuals as well.

This weekend is IceBreaker at the Pettit Speed skating Olympic Training Venue, where I am doing the double (Gold Medal Challenge). I will be running 13.1 miles on Sat. at 7 AM and then returning Sunday AM to run 26.2 miles, all around a 443m track. Both will be workouts as I am just starting to train for both Boston Marathon and the Ice Age 50! I am both excited and nervous. I have the clearance from the medical team, now I just must believe in myself.

(The Pettit)

I was recently asked my goal for the weekend. Not really sure. I guess it all depends on how my legs feel each day. I will just take it one step at a time and hope I can finish feeling strong and confident. I am looking forward to seeing many friends at the race and cheering them on as well. 🙂

As I move forward I feel like I have a plan, a great schedule to follow, amazing support from those around me, resources and guidance from Froedtert that simply blow my mind and I could not feel more grateful, and being part of the Performance Running Outfitters team and family that continue to provide the community with such amazing support and opportunities.

2012 is going to be exciting and I am putting all my Faith in living up to my calling, whatever that shall be. Time will tell…

Here’s to a bright, healthy, and blessed 2012 and beyond.


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