Why I HATE Taper Weeks!

I realized today just how much I HATE, DESPISE, DETEST taper weeks. For one the anticipation of the coming weekend (whatever that might mean), and all the questioning I do in that week. Did I train enough, did I do the quality workouts I needed to, what will my legs feel like on race day, am I hydrated enough???? The questions are endless and the anxiety builds. I also worry about what to eat, how much, and to make sure I try to stay away from foods that might irritate my already seriously sensitive GI system.


I then start questioning aches and pains, realize that I have not stretched or foam rolled enough. I say to myself, “you are not training as hard this week so use that time to stretch, etc”. But do I? NO, instead I sit and stress about the coming weekend.

The funny thing is that this weekend I am simply going out to test my fitness level. No time goals, no expectations. BUT I sit here thinking of what splits I want to run, what could I run if I feel great! What flavor gel should I use? Gu Roctane is the choice but do I go with Vanilla Orange or Pineapple?

I am a bit competitive so Taper Weeks mean that I have to just be patient, no pushing the envelope, no killer workouts. I just have to trust the process. I have to let go of my controlling self and just have FAITH and BELIEVE… my 2 affirmation words.


This week I have been crabby (ok, that’s an understatement). I have punched a pillow, used swear words towards the alarm clock, yelled at the coffee maker, stabbed myself piercing a sweet potato, and cried cause I was cold. It’s been a tough week. But I go into race weekend with excitement and gratefulness for the ability to run and spend time with others sharing the love of running.

Asked this AM again, “what’s your goal?”. My goal is to finish feeling strong and confident knowing that I did what I could. That’s all.


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