Who’s in charge?

Well, it’s has just been one of those days… strep throat, sinus infection, and car accident this AM. We can just simply say I am really over today. Didn’t want to get out of bed, and it’s just gone downhill from there.

However, I am grateful for a job I love (even though I would rather be in bed under the covers)… I am grateful I love my job so much and really do (despite being sick) love helping runners and walkers for all ages and abilities at Performance Running Outfitters. I feel I can without doubt say, we are the best in guiding those looking to enhance their running or walking experience.

I am however super bummed I won’t be at the RACC Expo and Race tomorrow. Who’s in charge? My body! And it has decided to (not so tactfully) tell me to REST. Not race but rest. I know I need to listen to it and I know I am really sick when I don’t even want to try to run or race. So tomorrow I will not be at the race ;( but I will be downing extra vitamins in hopes I can be part of the John Dick 50 next weekend. Time will tell but I have it on the calendar.

On a slightly different note… what’s next? Maybe some SUP (great core and upper body workout) would compliment running and riding my single speed too. SUP riding video.

Yes, it’s on the wish list for someday. I’m pretty freaking excited to someday have a little SUP collection. I figure if I can’t be close to surf, might as well think outside the box a bit.

On other notes… I want to highly recommend the Mocha Shake at Alterra for breakfast. Yes, that WAS breakfast and when you have a sore throat and can’t swallow (no comment) that is what’s on the menu.

Working at PRO till 5 and then hiding under a warm blanket … exciting, right? Maybe will even watch Axe Men… (a recommendation from Mike)… or better yet X-Games (and pretend to be adventurous)

I am pretty much over winter too. Yes, it has been mild but my single speed wants to be ridden and I am sick of piling on tights and jackets to run. Bring back the split shorts, tees, and sunglasses. And no I don’t want to ice skate on the sidewalks anymore.

I have also pretty much gotten addicted to pinterest. I might even start cooking someday. Or better yet, exist on mocha shakes at Alterra … or go search for some waves to ride or hills to run. Peace out peeps!


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