Wake up and smell the espresso

Ok, got your attention. Well, a recent set-back has my attention. After I ran the Gold Medal Challenge (39.5 miles in 48 hours) I was ecstatic that I had no knee or back pain. I felt basically invincible and became really aware for the first time  that while I needed to continue to listen to my back and knee, they were doing great and I could finally put some trust into my body. Then about a week to 10 days after the race I started to feel some foot pain. The top of my right foot was sore, I took some easy days, took a day off, iced, and took a few advil. It would feel a bit better, then worse again. Last week I was forced to walk home from a run and immediately saw Dr. Lesko. He said that it appeared to be an overuse injury or some tendonitis. Train only in the AlterG and non-impact and let’s see how it is by the weekend. The weekend was brutal and by Sunday I was limping and in pain. MRI yesterday revealed edema in the bone and some bruising but no stress fracture. 🙂 (all things considering, good news!)

Before I left Dr. Lesko’s office, he injected the top of my foot with some cortisone (can’t quite put into words the pain) but as the day as gone on it feels better with the help of ice and advil. Prognosis is good. Dr.s orders are 7-10 days of no running and strictly using the AlterG and bike. Then gradual return to running if pain is gone.

Yes, this was another wake up call. It’s insanely frustrating for an athlete when your aerobic capacity exceeds your structural capacity. And this gets so many athletes (especially runners) in trouble.

I have decided to drop down to the 50K in May at Ice Age. The 50 miler is just taking to much of a risk and ultimately the ability to partake in my passion of running is more important. So fingers crossed …

I leave for the Boston Marathon in less than 9 weeks and am so incredibly excited, Ice Age 50K in May … I really can’t wait to get off the road and back running on the trails (so much less punishing on the body and so much more enjoyable).

HUGE thanks to so many friends and my amazing team of Dr.’s, ATC.’s, etc who have been by my side through the best and most rewarding times AND some scary times walking a fine line. You guys ROCK!

So the next week will include some focussed x-training and sessions with Mike … and hopefully a week from now I will be returning to the roads and be awake and smelling the espresso. 😉


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