Very mixed feelings right now and not sure that this will make perfect sense. My heart hurts for those that I know are facing adversity and yet I at times feel like I have no words to say or answers to the questions.

Why are great individuals faced with such adversity, why are those that live to be healthy face disease, why are the innocent taken and the guilty saved.

The last few days and especially the last 48 hours have been filled with heartache …

I have had a really hard time finding the desire to train, I almost feel guilty I am able to do so much I am passionate about and at the same time I try to live each day to the fullest knowing that life is too short and we never know what journey we will be asked to take.

So questions flow through my head… most not easily answered.

Why is it that at times we are simply powerless of a situation. – Why is it that the lack of communication can hurt as bad at to much communication. – Why is it that some feel they are entitled while others are left to deal with trauma and pain. –

I search for these answers with each footfall and wonder if someday things will become clear. Until then I hold onto dear memories searching for words of comfort to take away the pain.

Things have really been put in perspective lately for me. I look at each day and search for better balance. Time with friends, the ability to run and be active, moments of guided imagery, times helping those in need, the ability to have a job I love, reading, writing, and communicating with those I care about.

Because in the end, it is not what we have but what we hold in our hearts.





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