Defying Gravity on the AlterG AntiGravity Treadmill

The AlterG Anti Gravity treadmill along with the guidance and support from Mike Ribar and Froedtert Sports Medicine has not only been a gift from God but something I can’t even put into words. I am and continue to be eternally grateful. In a time when some in my life have been without support , I am continually blown away by the support I receive from friends, my amazing medical team, trainers, coaches, and other athletes. I really could never have gotten through the past adversities without so many kind words from you guys and your continual support through the brightest and darkest moments.

Above is a video of me training on the AlterG at Froedtert Sports Med. A tool like no other and I highly recommend it for athletes recovering from injury or looking for a way to add additional training without being beat up by the impact involved in additional mileage … For more info on buying sessions on the AlterG contact Froedtert Performance Enhancement at 414-805-7110 .

As I look at the next 8 weeks of training for Boston Marathon (a dream come true) I am excited and focussed on doing everything in my power to provide the best and smartest preparation. Again without Mike Ribar and Froedtert Performance Enhancement and Sports Med ; and a number of others including Dr. Darren Werner & Grafton Chiro, Dr. Lesko and Riverside Ortho, Dr. Porter at Barrow , and Dr. Mark Niedfeldt … this dream would not be a reality.



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