I Rarely Brag

ok, so today I am a bit…. Ran 16 miles in 1:40:35 (6:17/mi average) at 75% weight in AlterG at 2% incline and felt GREAT!!!!!!

I won’t lie, it was a HARD workout but I was able to negative split the run and my nutrition strategy worked perfectly. 3/4 of a Hammer Gel (Raspberry) at 6 miles, 2 cliff bloke at 8 miles, 3/4 Hammer Gel at 12 miles …I had gluten free cinnamon raisin bread with PB and coffee about 90 min before the run and just had water during the run. Worked perfect!

Then used the MVP Recovery Boots at Froedtert, Mike did some soft tissue work on my IT bands, I did some ice therapy and … mission complete!

Then I was off to my first trip to Yo Mama downtown Wauwatosa. OMG… I was a kid in a candy store literally. About 8 kinds of frozen yogurt and you can mix it.. a million toppings to choose from and we get to create your own masterpiece. I had 3 different kinds of frozen yogurt with cereal, m&ms, strawberries, kiwi, and crushed peanuts. AMAZING..Check out the Yo Mama web site

The coolest news is that Yo Mama is coming to Shorewood this summer and will be right next door to Performance Running Outfitters. Just think of the calcium I will supplying to my bones. 😉

I am also super excited to get my orthotics today from Dane LaFontsee . He has made them for to try correct some mechanical issues left over from nerve dysfunction … Just trying to be become as efficient as possible.

The rest of the day is devoted to catch up, getting tax stuff mailed out, some emails, and then a Chiro adjustment from Dr. Werner. Having some wine and dinner with a dear friend tonight. All in all, a great Friday. 🙂


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