Moving forward

Just a quick post tonight. It’s been quite the week so far (more on that at a later date). I feel full of Faith and Love. Knowing I have such support around me from many and having those very individuals surrounding me over the last couple years. Would have been simply impossible without Faith, Friends, and Focus.

I now move forward. I will try to put the past behind and move in the future following my dreams and living in God’s path for me. I am making some big sacrifices to follow my dreams but on the other hand, they are not sacrifices when they are a means to being able to live a life of passion and adventure.

I have simply the most amazing team of individuals guiding and directing me, I have my Heavenly Father providing the courage, strength, love and leading me down the trail for a greater good. I am very excited to announce and blog over the next week some of those that have made dreams come true. I am also excited to announce a couple new sponsors.

I move forward and will be making some changes in order to focus more on my amazing job at PRO and my running. I will be making some changes so that I have more time to run, spend less time commuting, and just in general simplify life a bit. All these changes are both exciting and a bit scary … but will result in less stress overall. (something that will only help me with work and running).

When we are given gifts and talents, I feel it is important to use those gifts. I have been given the gift to continue to run, race, inspire others, help others, and live in the light of my Heavenly Father and the guardian angels that I look up to for their wisdom and protection. I miss you guys. Grandpa, Jeff, Sally, Judy.

Tomorrow I have a really tough run. 16 miles on the AlterG at 75% weight at 6:20-6:25/mi with 2-3% incline. I am nervous. It will test me mentally and physically but I know it will also make me a stronger individual on many different levels. I tell other runner’s you must believe in order to ever achieve. I will run tomorrow knowing I am capable and when the going get’s tough, I will repeat “believe and achieve; with faith and focus”

Ok, taxes prepped and sent off to CPA. 3 Chapters to still get through and then this kid is off to sleep.

Believe and Achieve with Faith and Focus!


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